Rare Nirvana Photos To Be Auctioned On NFT For Kurt Cobain’s 55th Birthday

Kurt Cobain He is one of those musical figures that the more the years go by, the more we come to understand what his true artistic intentions were, and the mark that the Nirvana vocalist has left on millions of people knows no borders… or market limitations.

We do not know what the artist would have thought of this, but a set of unpublished photos of Nirvana will go on sale in format NFT to commemorate what would be Kurt Cobain’s birthday.

Faith West, photographer and author of the photos, justified the auction of Nirvana’s NFTs by arguing that the premature death of Kurt Cobain caused photos of the complete band to be scarce.

“One of the keys to NFTs is scarcity. Due to the unfortunate untimely death of Kurt Cobain, images of him are rare. And so we’re giving fans the opportunity to own a part of Nirvana’s history, which is sadly very limited.”

Nirvana’s NFT’s

West detailed that the photos were taken on October 1, 1991, six days after Nirvana released their first album, Nevermind and a week before the band rose to stardom, during a live show.

The prices of Nirvana NFTs they will be varied, since there will be 100 copies of the original photos that will be sold for 99 dollars (more than two thousand Mexican pesos), while unique versions of each image and GIFs will be available from 3 thousand dollars (62 thousand pesos), although prices are expected to reach half a million dollars.

What is an NFT?

NFTs seem not necessarily to be big business.

For those clueless, NFT is the abbreviation for ‘non-fungible tokens’, which are essentially digital goods that, when acquired, grant their owners a certificate that is stored in the blockchain, the same technology behind cryptocurrencies.

What NFTs do is that they act as a kind of proof to presume that you are the owner of said “non-expendable asset”, which means that it can only be used to prove that you own the item. NFT and demand that it be removed from sites that republish it.

It was not clear at first whether the purchase of a Nirvana NFTs includes the copyright for these pieces, one of the moves by which some voices accuse the digital goods market of being a scam.

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