Raúl Araiza and Paul Stanley share what forced them to be absent from the Hoy program

Mexico. Raúl Araiza and Paul Stanley did not appear this Monday in the broadcast of the television program Hoy and this unleashed a series of doubts and speculation on social networks, since no one expected the pair of famous drivers to be absent.

As soon as the absence of Raúl and Paul in the Hoy program became noticeable, immediately many of their followers began to question the reason why they did not show up for work in the broadcast produced by Andrea Rodríguez.

But now it is Raúl and Paul who are talking about it and they say the reason why they had to stop working on the Televisa morning show where Andrea Legarreta, Andrea Escalona and Galilea Montijo also collaborate.

Through a live link, Raúl explained that the reason for his absence is because he had symptoms of Covid-19. “You have to be very careful because now it is more delicate, as the doctor tells me, which is now more subtle, I took the test on Saturday and it came out positive.”

Araiza, who is also an actor and has participated in soap operas such as The game of life and Cadenas de amargura, quotes that so far the only thing he has felt are strong chills, but he has already taken medicine and is taking good care of himself.

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“I already did a laboratory PCR to be able to be correct in the diagnosis and it came out positive “, points out the famous conductor, son of the first actress Norma Herrera and the late actor Raúl Araiza.

“Here I am feeling nothing, drinking coffee and then watching them. It is very important, for everyone, it is totally the other side of the coin to be vaccinated and that it gives you, unless you are vaccinated, it can cost you your life ”.

Paul Stanley, for his part, in his opportunity to talk about how he feels, said that he was happy, but after taking the Covid-19 test, he came back negative, but since his partner has the virus, he must remain isolated for a few days.

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“OK, all OK. Me and Joely have the 3 vaccines, and we also got the flu vaccine, because we were going on the ring trip, well, I was prevented, and well, nothing, she came out positive, “says Paul Stanley.

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