Raúl Araiza confirms that he tested positive for COVID-19 and will leave Hoy

The wave of COVID-19 infections has intensified during the January slope due to the advance of the Omicron variant, which does not spare even celebrities, since recently the driver Raul Araiza confirmed that he tested positive for the virus.

During a statement, the famous Hoy driver revealed that like Paul Stanley he was infected with COVID-19, for which he had to undergo isolation, however this brought him difficulties in his work.

Due to the virus, Raúl Araiza will miss the new season of Today Program, which has suffered many absences in recent months due to the pandemic, and so far it is not known when it will return.

Raúl Araiza will be absent from Hoy due to COVID-19 infection

Galilea Montijo gave the news to the fans of the program Currently the driver is in confinement

The also host of the program Galilea Montijo, was the one who informed the followers of the show about the absence of Raúl, explaining that the reason is because he contracted COVID-19 so his ‘vacations’ will be extended while he is in quarantine.

The driver recently received a worrying health diagnosis, and after recovering again he had to confine himself to his care, although this time he was the new victim of COVID-19, although his health is reported as stable, probably thanks to the vaccines.

When does Raúl Araiza return to Hoy?

The driver is currently in lockdown

We inform you in AmericanPost.News that the isolation time after recovering from COVID-19 is approximately 15 to 20 days, which could mean that we would see it in the beginning or middle of February, depending on how the contagion evolves.

It is worth mentioning that the driver was said to be vulnerable to the disease after a few months ago he was seen with an oxygen mask, which worried his fans and it was suspected that he had already been infected with COVID-19.

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