Raúl Araiza Mexican TV host appears wearing a respirator

  • The bad news continues for Televisa’s Hoy program
  • Now, the Mexican driver Raúl Araiza appears wearing a respirator
  • The actor was also enjoying his vacation in Peru with his daughter Camila

It seems that bad luck surrounds the Hoy de Televisa program, where in recent months they have been surrounded by deaths and diseases, among other controversies, and now, the Mexican driver Raúl Araiza surprises when he appears wearing a respirator.

The actor was also enjoying his vacations in Peru with his daughter Camila, which both have recorded on their social networks, when he began to feel bad, although apparently everything was controlled in time and did not happen to adults.

“It hurts,” says Raúl Araiza

"It hurts," says Raúl Araiza
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“It hurts, I feel my head like this (it kind of pricks me), as if I was aventadito”, expressed Raúl Araiza in his Instagram stories, which his daughter Camila also took up in his account and immediately the reactions of the fans were made present.

“Altitude sickness, as they would say around here, gave him the soroche”, “You can’t take anything, man”, “For something they offer everyone a mensita”, you can read in some of the comments. After the scare, the Mexican driver continued to enjoy his vacation.

“Who is going to have their coca tea?”, Asks Raúl Araiza

"Who is going to drink his coca tea?", Asks Raúl Araiza
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With the good humor that characterizes him, and after being seen wearing a respirator, the Mexican driver of the Hoy program Raúl Araiza reappeared on social networks joking about the situation that happened to him and asking “who is going to have his coca tea?” .

“Yesterday if the clown was charging me badly because it is more than 4,300 meters at sea level, we are 2,000-odd in Mexico. My daughter says that aliens were going to come here and they were going to take us, like good Mexicans we said they were going to kidnap us ”(TO SEE THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE). Filed Under: Mexican TV host Raúl Araiza appears wearing a respirator.

Lizbeth Rodríguez takes out her ‘rags in the sun’ of infidelity to Raúl Araiza

Lizbeth Rodríguez takes out her 'rags in the sun' of infidelity to Raúl Araiza
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Did you expose an infidel? In a revealing interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, youtuber Lizbeth Rodríguez, host of the Exponiendo infieles program, recalled the occasion when she took her infidelity ‘rags in the sun’ from Raúl Araiza, actor and host of the Hoy program.

Close to reaching 300 thousand views, this video is available on the official YouTube channel of the renowned journalist, where Lizbeth Rodríguez also shared how her work became a martyrdom for her and her family, since after exhibiting infidels his life was never the same again.

“Raúl Araiza was ‘divorced'”: Lizbeth Rodríguez

"Raúl Araiza was 'divorced'": Lizbeth Rodríguez
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The youtuber, who has millions of followers on her social networks, confessed that she has had two media scandals throughout her career, one of them with Raúl Araiza, who divorced because of her after having checked her cell phone, although it should be noted that the actor returned with his partner.

“(He) was with the psychologist there. It turns out that I check the phone so quickly, for this I take care that he did not look bad, imagine that he had done it with weeds, then that the psychologist made a drama there (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

According to Lizbeth Rodríguez, they made a drama to Raúl Araiza for his alleged infidelity

According to Lizbeth Rodríguez, they made a drama to Raúl Araiza for his alleged infidelity
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Faced with this confession, Mara Patricia Castañeda asked Lizbeth Rodríguez if Raúl Araiza had been unfaithful to the psychologist, to which the host of Exponiendo Infieles replied that she did not know if exactly unfaithful, but had compromising messages.

“And then the other one (the psychologist) made him a drama on the set in front of everyone and I said ‘oh, my friend, sorry, how can I help you?’ and then obviously a thousand notes came out. The scandal came just when people made it viral, ”he commented.

Galilea Montijo, about to die from the consequences of the coronavirus?

Galilea Montijo, about to die from the consequences of the coronavirus?
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It has not been the best year for the Mexican driver Galilea Montijo, because in addition to the death of her father and other loved ones, her two coronavirus infections left her several sequels, so the question arose if she was about to die.

In the broadcast of the Hoy program last Friday, September 17, available on his YouTube channel, “Gali”, he shared with his colleagues, after presenting a note in which the host Monserrat Oliver said the damage left by the Covid -19, what no one would have imagined.

“The heart stroke and peritonitis left me”: Galilea Montijo

"The heart stroke and peritonitis left me": Galilea Montijo
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“I have listened to several people who say, especially the loss of memory, after the Covid, there are many sequelae, the heart stroke and peritonitis left me. There are many people who have affected them, ”said Galilea Montijo.

Before the attentive gaze of her colleagues, the television presenter also shared that her cardiologist told her that after several months of being infected, some inflammations appear, so you have to take your pressure frequently.

Galilea Montijo was infected twice with coronavirus

Galilea Montijo was infected twice with coronavirus
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As if that were not enough, Galilea Montijo revealed that she is hypertensive, although that condition is her mother’s ‘fault’: “Please check if you feel strange,” he said, to which Andrea Legarreta recommended to the public not to miss the opportunity to get vaccinated.

Later, the Mexican driver clarified that one of the sequels left by this terrible disease was pericarditis (inflammation and irritation of the thin sac-like membrane that surrounds the heart) and not peritonitis.

“The tube never left anything good”

"The tube never left anything good"
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On previous occasions, Galilea Montijo has been singled out for his past, they have even told him in a derogatory way that he was dedicated to table dance, something that he has strongly denied, but as a result of the fact that he confessed that he has consequences from the coronavirus, one person commented: “Now he blames the Covid, the tube never leaves anything good.”

“La Galilea does not talk about her comadre La Inés (Gómez Mont)”, “How strange that celebrities have the strangest consequences of the covid, is it to attract attention?” that the sequel was something else ”, you can read in some comments (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“In life I have screwed up several times”: Galilea Montijo

"In life I have screwed up several times": Galilea Montijo
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A little less than a month ago, the Mexican host Galilea Montijo returned to the Hoy program after her trip to the United States and showed that she screwed up. “Gali” came to the forum with a broken left foot after his teammates helped him take a few steps and get to sit up.

“In my life I have screwed up several times, but this time I did break. I flew down some stairs to come gossiping. I flew like a meter, boys, but here I am with all my love. ” The tapatia added that, due to the impact, he could no longer move his limb because the metatarsal was broken, although it was not something that serious, according to the doctors he only has to take care of the stability of his foot for a few weeks.