Raúl Castro looks with “joy” and “hope” at his successor Miguel Díaz-Canel on Labor Day in Cuba

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and former President Raúl Castro in parade for Labor Day.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and former President Raúl Castro in parade for Labor Day.

Photo: Ernesto Mastrascusa / EFE

The former ruler of Cuba, Raúl Castro, totally retired from political life in 2021, expressed this Sunday his “joy” and “hope” in his successor at the head of the Cuban Government and the Communist Party (PCC, only legal), Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Castro made these statements after participating in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana in the central celebration for Labor Day, according to a video released on Twitter by the general director of Press, Communication and Image of the Foreign Ministry, Juan Antonio Fernández.

I have, like millions of Cubans, hope (…) in the new generations leading the party and especially for the president,” declared Castro, who advocated “continuing to fight.”

The former Cuban president, who came to power on an interim basis in 2006 due to the illness of his brother Fidel and officially in 2008, transferred the position of first secretary of the PCC to Díaz-Canel in April 2021 during the VIII Congress of the formation. , which marked the generational change.

It was a succession that Castro had announced in 2018, when he left the Presidency in the hands of Díaz-Canel to guarantee the continuity of Cuba’s single-party socialist system and centralized economy.

Castro, who attended the event dressed in the olive green uniform of an army general, praised Díaz-Canel for his work at the head of the PCC and the Government and said that “it is working very well” and “sometimes more than necessary.”

I have the heart, already 91 years old, which I will be celebrating on June 3, full of joy“, sentenced Castro to close his statement.

Since he withdrew from power, his public appearances have been reduced to meetings of the PCC, the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament) and other specific events, such as the parade this Sunday, May 1.

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