Raúl de Molina breaks the silence about the alleged pregnancy of his daughter

  • Raúl de Molina, will he be a grandfather? Mia’s pregnancy rumors don’t stop
  • It was hardly said that the young woman was having a new boyfriend and now that she will be a mother
  • El Gordo was not silent when they questioned him

Raúl De Molina enjoys spending moments with his wife and daughter Mia, who recently published a photograph where she is seen with a boyfriend and as a result of said image, the news has been released that now the 21-year-old would be in the ‘sweet wait ‘, although this has not been confirmed, however, the driver answered the direct question, Mine in pregnancy?

Currently, the famous show host is enjoying a vacation with his wife Millie and their daughter Mia who years ago had ‘abandoned’ them to go to college and it was there that she met her current boyfriend, who she had kept private until hung up a photograph.

Will Raúl de Molina be a grandfather? Talk about Mia’s supposed pregnancy

Raúl de Molina daughter

Through a photograph where he appears with his daughter Mia, the presenter Raúl de Molina managed to clarify the rumors that have circulated since her son had a boyfriend and now it is speculated that the young student would be expecting a baby because she has recently gained weight.

The suspicions arose from the fact that Mía De Molina is wearing more baggy dresses and has visibly gained more weight in her recent publications, which undoubtedly raised rumors that she was supposedly pregnant and would make her famous father Raúl De Molina a grandfather.

The presenter talks about Mia’s supposed ‘pregnancy’

Mia de Molina pregnancy

In a recent Instagram photo, Raúl De Molina appears on vacation with his daughter Mia who wears a beige hat, dark glasses, and a tanned face while smiling, poses with his father who wears casual with a royal blue shirt and black glasses .

“Great time with Mia in Hawaii,” wrote the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ in the photo, but it is evident that his daughter has gained weight when a few months ago she even appeared in a bikini with a great body … Is your life as a couple making you shed a few pounds or is it true that you are pregnant?

An awkward question about Mia’s pregnancy kept the host from shutting up

Mia de Molina pregnancy

The image received several comments: “I love to see the Family always sharing blessings”, “Wow the resemblance to his father is incredible”, “Very pretty but take care of your figure for your sake”, “They cannot deny it, father and daughter the same cheeks !! ”,“ Keep carrying your photos no matter what they say, don’t let anyone move your peace Raúl de Molina ”,“ But how much is it that you earn because you spend it on vacation and traveling while traveling ”.

But they started with the topic of Mia’s supposed pregnancy: “Raul, when do you tell us about your future granddaughter ???”, “Are you going to be a grandfather?” and thus he replied: “Really? See that they speak without thinking. No ”, he expressed very clearly.

They have both gained weight; denies the pregnancy of his daughter Mia

Daughter Raúl de Molina grandfather

To the misfortune of those who wanted to see Mia pregnant, the truth is that the young woman has gained a few pounds and that is why rumors were unleashed, in addition to seeing her with a boyfriend, so many people assured that Raúl De Molina and his daughter should take care of yourself so you do not have health problems.

Offenses such as ‘They both look like pigs’, ‘They no longer gain weight’, and ‘They are very heavy’, were read in the image where father and daughter appear happy, however, the driver did not respond to any of the offenses and instead From that he concentrated on showing off his experiences on the trip to Hawaii.

Daughter Raúl De Molina Mía pregnancy

It was in the first days of July that Mía de Molina, daughter of Raúl de Molina, host of the program El Gordo y La Flaca, ‘showed off’ her boyfriend, named Gabriel Edgardo Cardoze Lewis, but now many wonder if he will become mother.

Through Chamonic’s Instagram account, you can see an image that the young man uploaded to his social networks, which are private, but if there is something that draws attention, it is ‘the belly’ that Mia wears or perhaps it is simply of a loose dress.

Your daughter of Mine is not pregnant

They hope that Raúl de Molina will confirm if their daughter is pregnant
Instagram photo of Mía de Molina

“Many are saying if Mía de Molina, Raúl’s daughter, is pregnant, as I asked and they say no, but here it does seem, although it could be the dress she is wearing. Time to time, it was super that Raúl himself said if he is here or not! ”, You can read in this publication that it caused all kinds of reactions.

“It seems that yes, even the feet are swollen”, “Obviously if you notice a pregnant belly”, “Maybe he only gained a few pounds”, “Maybe he just has his dad’s belly”, “It was what to say and it was said “,” If it is, you can see it on your face and in your eyes, “expressed some users.

Raúl de Molina would have denied the news

Raúl de Molina would have denied the news
Instagram photo of Mía de Molina

After seeing this photograph, one person assured that the driver of El Gordo y La Flaca, Raúl de Molina, had said that his daughter Mía de Molina is not pregnant, but the photo that her boyfriend shared on social networks seems to show otherwise .

“Her face can be seen and she wears a ring”, “It is obvious that she is pregnant, because if you look at photos on her profile, a year ago she was much thinner and different and that tummy cannot hide it”, ” If it’s a tummy “,” Well, if it looks pregnant, “you can read in some comments.

“It gives the fat man the patatus”

"He gives the fat boy the patatus"
Instagram photo of Mía de Molina

The comments continued to be present, most of them assuring that Mía de Molina is actually pregnant. It should be remembered that the young woman is usually very discreet in her social networks, where her last photo is precisely accompanied by Gabriel Cardoze.

“It gives the fat man patatús, with how critical he is”, “Very pregnant, I would say, she even got cachetona, she’s a girl”, “If that’s how the gossip of others says … now that he says about his daughter” , “It already put all four legs”, “The truth is the face if it looks like a pregnant woman.”

“She’s not pretty at all,” they say to Mía de Molina, Raúl de Molina’s daughter

"She is not pretty at all", they say to Mía de Molina, My daughter
Photo Instagram Chamonic

About to reach 30 thousand followers on her Instagram account, Mía de Molina has shared only 31 publications so far, the last of them precisely with her boyfriend, Gabriel Edgardo Cardoze Lewis, who was the one who shared this photo that it’s giving a lot to talk about.

“He covers the face of the old talkative Raúl, apart from that she is not pretty at all. The girl, how good for her that she found a boyfriend because it is said that she is toxic “,” I say yes because she is super thin “,” I say that if she is very pregnant “,” It may be the dress, but I know You see a lump ”,“ She is not pregnant, she is extremely pregnant, she looks like she is dying ”.

And Raúl de Molina?

Instagram photo Raúl de Molina

“Lunch with @miademomo and my friend and manager @ luisbalaguer1 with his son @lcbaalaguer in Miami in front of the bay on a beautiful afternoon,” wrote the host of El Gordo y La Flaca in his most recent post on social networks. In a couple of these images, Mía de Molina appears.

Users did not miss the opportunity and asked Raúl de Molina if his daughter is pregnant: “Ask, is Mia pregnant?”, “Raúl, no offense, the question is for you, not for your followers. your shirts? They look very big ”. The presenter was amused and clarified that his daughter is not pregnant. Some images of this note come from this and this videos

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