Raúl Jiménez beat Cristiano Ronaldo: Wolves surprised Manchester United at Old Trafford

Photo: Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

The Manchester United still without spinning a streak of good results and his The last executioner was Raúl Jiménez’s Wolverhampton Wanderers. With a goal in the closing minutes, the Wolves surprised at Old Trafford and stole the victory and all three points.

It was a head-to-head duel in which the visitors were in control for much of the match. In the 82nd minute, just one minute after Raúl Jiménez gave up his position on the field to the young Fabio Silva, Joao Moutinho crossed into the area to beat David de Gea.

The “Firefighter” played 81 ′ minutes, had two shots on goal and hit 73.9% of his passes and also left us a curious image with Cristiano Ronaldo, in which the Mexican jumped higher than the Portuguese, who every once in a while amazes us with his almost impossible jumps due to the height he achieves.

Duel won by the Mexican.

The Wolves were just behind United in the table, with 28 points in the eighth box. While the “Red Devils” add 31 units and remain in seventh position.