Rauw Alejandro dislocates his shoulder at the Georgia concert: and carries on in Orlando with ice packs [video]

Experience the bravery and determination of Rauw Alejandro as he finishes his concert in Georgia and performs again in Orlando with an ice pack.

Rauw Alejandro, the 30-year-old Puerto Rican singer, had an accident on stage during his concert in Georgia, USA

And although he reported on social networks that he had dislocated his right shoulder, Rauw Alejandro proved to be a great professional.

For in addition to finishing the concert part of the ‘Saturno World Tour‘ without any problems, Rauw Alejandro -two days later- performed in Orlando, Florida.

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Rauw Alejandro with a dislocated shoulder (Rauw Alejandro Twitter @rauwalejandro)

Rauw Alejandro dislocated his shoulder on stage

On Sunday, March 6, 2023, Rauw Alejandro had an accident in Duluth, Georgia, while performing his concert part of the ‘Saturno World Tour.’

While Rauw Alejandro was performing ‘Menta Verde’, in one of the acrobatics, the singer did not support his arm and dislocated his shoulder.

The moment was recorded by several concert attendees who would not have noticed the mishap.

Besides the fact that his dancers helped him to cover up the slip, the singer continued with the show like a great professional.

According to his set list, after the accident, Rauw Alejandro still danced and performed what was left of his 40 singles, among which were:

  • Saturno
  • Point 40
  • Fantasias
  • Nostalgic
  • No Me Sueltes
  • Panties and Bras

After the concert, instead of the after party, Rauw Alejandro went to the hospital accompanied by Eric Duars, CEO and founder of Duars Entertainment, the promoter of his concerts.

Rauw Alejandro spent the after-party of his concert at the hospital.

Leaving his concert in Georgia, Rauw Alejandro informed his more than 16 million followers via Instagram that he had dislocated his right shoulder.

However, Rauw Alejandro was enthusiastic that he had finished the concert; he assured that he would not cancel his dates and thanked everyone who attended.

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Rauw Alejandro (Rauw Alejandro Twitter @rauwalejandro)

Two days after his accident on stage, on March 8, 2023, Rauw Alejandro performed in Orlando, Florida with an ice pack on his shoulder. He also invited Anuel AA to perform alongside.