RBD breaks all records: 30 concerts of Soy Rebelde Tour sold out in 24 hours, surpassing names like Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee

The euphoria for the RBD's return has escalated to unimaginable levels: sold out 6 months before they will kick start.

The euphoria for RBD’s comeback has escalated to unimaginable levels, which has led the band to break a new record in their career by selling out, in less than a day, the tickets for more than 30 concerts in several cities in Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

The Soy Rebelde Tour will begin next August, however, tickets went on sale on January 27th. What nobody expected, neither the fans nor the artists themselves, is the success they would have, because in almost 24 hours, the entire tour became a resounding sold out.

Through social networks, Anahí, Dulce, Maite, Christian and Christopher have expressed their excitement and above all the gratitude they have received from their fans, who have had to wait for almost 15 years to see them reunited on stage.

“How does this sink in after 15 years? Sold out in 24 hours? Infinite thanks for carrying us in your heart all these years We love you! Thanks to God and to all of you for giving us this beautiful gift that we didn’t expect,” wrote Dulce María; while Christian assured that this was something he didn’t see even in his biggest dreams.

The band has beaten great exponents of today’s music, such as Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee or Grupo Firme, who although they managed to sell out each of the shows they offered in 2022, they did not do it as long as the pop band.

While we wait for the return of the “rebels,” and due to the high demand from their fans, they have been announcing new dates little by little. So far, 40 concerts have already been confirmed, but it is expected that in the next few days some more will be announced.