RBD Enrique Rocha. They say goodbye to the iconic soap opera villain.

  • The famous actor died this Sunday
  • The news shocked the actors of the famous Mexican soap opera “Rebelde”
  • Enrique Rocha was distinguished by his roles as a villain and his unique voice

LUTO ON TELEVISA! RBD actors bid farewell to iconic villain Enrique Rocha. On the afternoon of November 7, 2021, the first actor Enrique Rocha died, according to Óscar Espejel, who worked with him, due to natural causes. His death gave way to a tribute on social networks.

Some users created tribute images recalling their most iconic roles. “Rochón”, as his relatives called him, stood out as one of the most beloved villains on television. Since 1965, when he began in Enrique Alonso’s “La mentira,” he identified himself as an antagonist.

Showbiz mourning the death of Enrique Rocha

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His thick voice and physical characteristics transcended, thus, allowing him to give a dramatic tone to his performances, points out Agencia El Universal. As soon as the clapperboard sounded, Enrique Rocha became serious for his scenes, usually as a villain, incarnating from unquestionable and strict patriarchs (Two Women, One Way) to a diabolical agent who wanted to destroy a guardian angel (Serafín).

But as soon as they gave the cut, the Guanajuato actor, who died yesterday at 81 years of natural causes, changed. Producers, actors and friends who worked with “Rochón”, as they called him because of the seriousness of his voice, highlighted this great contradiction: the public will remember him as the villain of the story, but they will do so as someone very animated.

León Bustamante the RBD character that Enrique Rocha gave life

León Bustamante the RBD character that Enrique Rocha gave life
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For the youth project Rebelde, the first actor knew how to be versatile, and in addition to giving the story a serious tone with his strict attitude as the father of young Diego Bustamante, he also knew how to find the youthful language to make people laugh, according to Agencia El Universal .

With a bit of comedy, the rigid León Bustamante from time to time played with the teenagers, without losing his characteristic tone of voice and his strong character. Christopher Uckermann, who played the son of Enrique Rocha’s character Diego Bustamante in RBD, was one of the first actors to react.

Heartbreaking farewell messages from RBD actors to Enrique Rocha

Heartbreaking farewell messages from RBD actors to Enrique Rocha
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“You were always a great person with a great heart. I remember your kindness and great sense of humor with all people. I remember our good talks before going on stage. May that pleasant energy continue in the skies. Thank you friend, ”Uckermann declared about the death of Enrique Rocha, according to People en Español.

In addition, Dulce María, who recently mourned the death of a Brazilian singer, also reacted to the death of the iconic ‘villain’ of soap operas. “Goodbye, dear Rochón. I will always remember our intense talks, your advice and stories that always had wisdom and humor and your ‘wiskol’, “said the actress and singer on Twitter.

Dulce María from RBD’s final message to Enrique Rocha

Heartbreaking farewell messages from RBD actors to Enrique RochaPHOTO Twitter

“We love you and we will always remember you. A hug to heaven, “the Mexican singer wrote on her Twitter account. Rocha unexpectedly discovered her profession at the age of 17 through a theatrical audition that an actor did not attend, says Agencia Reforma. After that, he made his debut in the 1960s in film and television.

He faced challenges such as the film El Proceso de Cristo (1966), by Julio Bracho. While playing parents who did not understand young people, as in Rebelde (2004), curiously became a guide for the starting actors, the actress of Rebelde, Cynthia Klitbo made an unexpected confession about the first actor.

“He was a very classy man, always inviting, beautiful,” says the Televisa actress.

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“I debuted in How It Hurts to Callar, I turned 19 there and my tres leches cake was bought by ‘Rochón’. He was our dad, especially our generation… He was a very classy man, always inviting, beautiful, taking everyone into account. That’s why we guys always hang around and love him, ”recalled actress Cynthia Klitbo for Agencia Reforma.

“Maybe no one places him that way, but he was the funniest guy I’ve ever met in my life, the one I’ve laughed the most with. We literally fell to the floor from laughing so much. I even had a stomach ache. He had a sense of humor that was always so jovial, with so much energy, “said actress Lorena Herrera, according to Agencia Reforma.

Was there a romance with an actress from Televisa? “We saw each other to laugh”, declares famous actress

Was there a romance with an actress from Televisa?
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“At that time I had a very jealous boyfriend and he used to get more that I went out to dinner with Enrique, and even so I went with him, because we literally saw each other to laugh”, shared in an interview Lorena Herrera, who was with Rocha in Dos Women. Thanks to La Mentira (1965) other melodramas arrived, such as Mundo de Juguetes (1974), When the Children Go (1983), My Little Traviesa (1997) and El Privilegio de Amar (1998).

Carla Estrada, who remembered the actor as the most professional, who always arrived on time with the texts learned. “He was very chivalrous, very attentive, very polite, very proper, but, above all, a good man who enjoyed life. I think he didn’t want to do anything, he was a man who really enjoyed it ”, stressed the producer.

“He was a gallant, a great conqueror with that voice,” declares Televisa producer

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Of the Thursday meals that the producers had before the pandemic, Juan Osorio remembers his habit of drinking whiskey, as well as his spirit. “Rocha was a heartthrob, a great conqueror with that voice and we all made fun of him about how his heart was at that age. Meeting him was fantastic, because it was full of anecdotes. His very voice lent itself to make us laugh, to be nice, “said the well-known producer.

“He has left a very great legacy and an equally great void in the artistic environment,” said Osorio, who produced Una Familia con Suerte, according to Agencia Reforma. “What a fortune to have met you … Always dear Rochon,” wrote Anahí, protagonist of RBD about the death of Enrique Rocha.

What was your best character as a villain?

What was your best character as a villain?

While Ninel Conde wrote: “What Fortune to have coincided in life with this great star that today shines in the sky with that incomparable light. Goodbye our dear Enrique our Rochón as we affectionately called him … what a regrettable loss ”. These are three Enrique Rocha characters that the public does not forget: Lucio Fernández, a “dark agent of the devil. Rocha was the actor most feared even by children.

In 1999, the children enjoyed the soap opera “Serafín”, by producer José Alberto Castro, where the story is told of a little angel who is sent to earth to receive a life lesson. Enrique’s role was as an ambassador of evil, since contrary to the mission of the protagonist angel, he has to erase any trace of love.

His worst villain role in soap operas?

His worst villain role in soap operas?
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For this character the actor won an award for “Best villain characterization.” In addition, another character from Enrique Rocha was Sebastián, the evil infiltrator. In the 2002 telenovela “Las vias del amor”, he made Lety suffer, played by Daniela Romo, a woman who is harassed by the evil Sebastian.

The character of Enrique Rocha, behind his image as a conqueror, was actually an unscrupulous criminal who is looking for a way to discover the secret behind a murder. With this character he won two awards: the one corresponding to Best Villain and Best First Actor, highlights Agencia El Universal.

What did Enrique Rocha die of?

What did Enrique Rocha die of?

After the sudden death of the actor Enrique Rocha “El Rochón”, countless rumors have begun to emerge about the causes of his death, however, officially, no one in his family has given an explanation about the Televisa actor, but The question that the public is asking is what did he die of? So here we will tell you what people close to the artist say, according to a publication on the Por Esto portal.

The first actor, a native of Silao, Guanajuato, died this Sunday at the age of 81; The death was apparently confirmed by one of his employees, Óscar Espejel, according to several media reports. So far this is the only information that has been released regarding the loss of the actor, known mainly for his antagonistic roles in soap operas such as El Privilegio de Amar. Filed Under: RBD Enrique Rocha.