RBD fans embrace unique NFT-based VIP memberships for the unforgettable Soy Rebelde Tour

Discover RBD's Soy Rebelde Tour, featuring VIP NFT memberships for exclusive access, as they perform in Mexico's iconic venues.

At the end of 2023, the group born from the telenovela Rebelde, RBD, will embark on a series of concerts in Mexico’s most important cities.

The group has scheduled two presentations at the Mobil Super Stadium in Monterrey on November 23 and 24; later, they will travel to the 3 de Marzo stadium in Zapopan, Jalisco, for another two presentations on November 26 and 27.

From Zapopan, the quintet will arrive in Mexico City for four shows at the Foro Sol on November 30, December 1,2, and 3.

RBD will return to the Mobil Super Stadium for one more show on December 12 and conclude the Soy Rebelde Tour in Mexico with two more concerts at the Foro Sol on December 16 and 17.

Soy Rebelde Tour se llevará a cabo en Estados Unidos, México y Brasil. 
Foto: Instagram/@rbd_musica
Soy Rebelde Tour will occur in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. Photo: Instagram/@rbd_musica

The expectation for these shows has been such that most of the dates are already sold out. However, the most hardcore RBD fans can still purchase a very special item that promises to make the experience of this tour something unique.

This VIP membership allows fans to access ticket raffles, exclusive discounts at the official Soy Rebelde Tour store, and “unique experiences that money can’t buy.

RBD bets on NTFs

As customary in the entertainment industry in recent years, this membership is acquired through NFTs (non-tradeable items). There are a total of 2,000 NFTs that RBD fans can purchase; these are collectible digital images allusive to the band’s universe.

To make the dynamic even more interesting, the person who manages to get all five NFTs with the same outfit will receive exclusive benefits.

Son un total de 2000 NFTs que los fans podrán conseguir a un preción de $2500.00 pesos MXN. 
Foto: nft.soyrebelde.world
Fans can get a total of 2000 NFTs for MXN 2500.00. Photo: nft.soyrebelde.world

The sale of NFTs began this Thursday, April 13, with a value of MXN 2,500.00 per membership. Starting in June, those who have purchased their NFTs will be able to be part of a massive exchange to increase the chances of getting the same five NFTs, exchanging benefits, or just collecting.

There will be three rounds of exchanges that will take place, and later, in August, the benefits will be announced for each city prior to the start of the Soy Rebelde Tour. Fans should log on to RBD’s social networks and their official Discord channel to keep up with all the updates.

Latin America is crying out for RBD

In addition to Mexico, RBD will perform in the United States and Brazil. Thousands of fans in Latin America reiterated their anger that the band did not announce more presentations in the region. However, Anahí asked for patience on her social networks for new news and thanked the great reception the tour has had so far.

“Thank you infinitely for so much love for our great news. We are still in shock. Just thinking that we will be together again! AND CALM! Not everything is said!” stated the singer on her Instagram account.

It is worth mentioning that Dulce María mentioned on the show Hoy that this tour is not about a comeback. According to the singer, RBD will not return to the recording studio or continue giving concerts in the years to come; this tour is about a special occasion thought for this 2023 that, apparently, will not be repeated.

RBD was formed by Anahí, Dulce María, Alfonso Herrera, Cristopher Uckermann, Christian Chavez, and Maité Perroni between 2004 and 2009. After their hiatus, the band returned in 2020 without Alfonso Herrera, who said he was working on other projects and could not be part of the reunion. Despite this, he wished the former bandmates luck for this long-awaited tour.