Real Madrid easily beat Alavés and puts its mind on the Champions

The Real Madrid It went from the whistles that fired the players at halftime, after a flat first act and without ideas, to the ovation with which the Madrid fans rewarded the reaction, the reunion with the punch unleashed again from a left-footed shot from Marco Asensioto knock down Alaves and regain hope in the face of a European comeback against PSG.

Losses in big games are direct blows to a team’s self-esteem. Real Madrid needed to regain lost confidence, move away from the doubts shown since the beginning of the year, sharpen their aim. The consequences of the duel in Paris were reflected in the first act, but his last home game at the stadium where he will seek a magical night with a comeback, ended up leaving good feelings thanks to the goals.

Until then, the team Ancelotti He has two games left away from his stadium. The dynamics mark the state of health and this Real Madrid was going through a pothole from which it showed intention to get out. Without fluidity in his football in the first half, with a dominance that becomes inconsequential in the final phase of each play. It made it difficult to generate danger without quality associations in the last meters. Thus, it all came down to a timid shot from Marco Asensio and a centered shot from Luka modric. Nothing to do with what is shown in the second.

The madridista pulse is marked Vinicius and Karim Benzema. It fired when they connected in past games, and when it seemed like they were even struggling, they ended up plugging in a key connection. ‘Vini’ walks in a moment of doubt that transmits nervousness. Without leaving with the ease of before in the auction, he always closely watched in a system of help from rivals. Even getting lost in complaints to the referee for unreported faults. And Karim is not at his level either, still gaining sensations after his muscle injury. None gave up and they ended up finding the prize for the goal.

Before, a start with rage was useless to get up. The energy of Asensio and Vinícius running into space disappeared with the speed with which Alavés settled on the field. Without defensive burdens, with order. He knew the lesson of teams that are in their fight for salvation that this course scored in the white coliseum. And the counterattack could even damage, but Luis Rioja’s left-footed shot ran into a safe Courtois.

Between the nervousness that moved to the stands and even generated a whistle at rest, the will of Fede Valverde stood out. His fight, delivery on each ball stood out in moments of lack of group brilliance. But that was not the way and the chat from the ‘Carletto’ locker room changed the landscape. Mendilibar’s face changed as his physique failed him. Spaces appeared, there was no longer any help to stop Vinícius and Real Madrid found freedom to create.

Even so, the party could take another course. He had forgiven Rioja after an error by Alaba, for mismeasuring the bounce on a long ball, but his error was minimal compared to that of Pere Pons. When Real Madrid began to reach the rival goal, to speed up their game and the figure of Pacheco emerged, a bad loan from Asensio left the rival one-on-one with Courtois.

Pons cut quickly with his right foot and with his left foot, with everything to score, he shot wide. It was the key play of the match because seconds later Asensio corrected his mistake and once again came to the rescue. Another golden left foot, with a thread, unstoppable for Pacheco, propelled Real Madrid. The request to the stands to whistle less and support more when the team needs them.

The match entered into a perfect scenario for the leader’s recovery of sensations and the continuous effort of ‘Vini’ found a reward. The Brazilian always reacts based on will and ended up receiving a gift from Benzema, after a golden association with Asensio, to score at will. For the perfect finishing touch and the return of the goals, after only one in four games and three in half an hour, came Rodrygo’s shot down inside the area that sent Karim into the net. The stick of Paris is already past after moments of doubt.