Reasons why Lionel Messi does not embrace women in photographs

Reasons why Lionel Messi does not embrace women in photographs

His fans say that Lionel messi He is a soccer romantic, he treats the ball well and draws smiles to millions of people with his plays on the pitch. Outside of her he is also a gentleman with women and respects his wife Antonela rocuzzo in every possible way.

Much controversy had been created on social networks by the way Messi treated the fans who approached him to ask for a photograph. He, in this situation, has always reacted discreetly and without extending his arms to hug the girls.

Unlike other athletes or celebrities, he has not been expressive. What made his critics think that it could be an attitude caused by Antonella’s jealousy. Leo is not about extending his encounters in public with women.

However, Messi himself made it clear that none of his attitudes has to do with jealousy from his partner. On the contrary, she says that Antonella is safe and a calm woman in a sense. Everything is due to his shy way of being and that he does not like to generate controversy.

Leo assures that the “pink press” tends to distort the reality of certain moments and does not want his photographs with some followers to be used to invent false relationships or infidelities. Now in Paris he will have a life closer to moments of social encounters and he does not want his family to be affected by rumors or scandals.

The Messi-Roccuzzo couple has been around since they were teenagers and has lasted for years, until they got married in 2017. They have three children: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

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