Rebeca Escribans on Christian Domínguez: “She is washing her black conscience from so many blunders” | VIDEO

After Christian Dominguez announced that he gave an apartment to his current partner Pamela Franco, the host of ‘América Espectáculos’, Rebeca Escribans applauded this gesture and assured the singer that he is learning from his mistakes.

What a good attitude from Christian Domínguez, he is a gentleman, he has it clear. I think he is washing his black conscience from so much crap, from so many blunders”, pointed out Rebeca Escribans.

The man is resilient, he is learning from his mistakes and I think he is clear that from now on what is truly important”, Said the television presenter and joked: “the chifa gives money, there is nothing to do”, for the company that the singer has.

Christian Domínguez surprised last Tuesday by revealing that he gave an apartment to Pamela Franco, mother of his daughter María Cataleya.

Yes, it is true (that he gave an apartment) to my wife. She allows me to live with her because I gave it to her. She told me she lives with me… Apart from that, if we have to break up for any reason, I leave with a backpack. So it’s not your fault, I’m leaving. This is also for my daughter, for them. The apartment is in Pamela’s name.”, he told ‘America today’.


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