Rebecca Jones explodes against Alejandro Camacho and denies having cancer

A few weeks ago, Alexander Camacho assured that his ex-wife, Rebecca Jones I was once again facing cancernow it is the actress who deny and enraged lashes out at the actor.

Recall that the actress was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, which expired in 2019 after chemotherapy treatment.

After Alejandro Camacho assured that the actress was fighting cancer once again, Rebecca’s health caused concern in the world of entertainment, however, everything seems to indicate that she is in perfect condition.

Rebecca Jones explodes against Alejandro Camacho

Rebecca Jones denies Alejandro Camacho’s statements What type of cancer did Rebecca Jones fight against?

In a meeting with the press, Rebecca Jones denied having relapsed into cancer, on the contrary, the actress assured that they are in perfect condition, however, she was very angry with Alejandro Camacho and his recent statements.

“Indeed, he is the father of my son, but he does not live with me, nor does he know anything about my life, nor does he have an opinion about my health,” he assured.

Let us remember that Alejandro Camacho was married to Rebecca Jones for 25 years, so after he assured that the actress was fighting cancer, the news caused a lot of concern, since there were rumors related to the subject.

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What type of cancer did Rebecca Jones have?

What type of cancer did Rebecca Jones fight?

Rebecca Jones, as we have mentioned in AmericanPost.News, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017 and although the actress has revealed that the doctor told her that she had little time to live, she fought until she beat the disease in 2019.

Since 2019 Rebecca Jones has revealed that she is clean of the disease, however she is constantly monitored.

Until now Alexander Camacho has not offered a public apology to Rebecca Joneshowever it is known that he maintains a good relationship, after his divorce.

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