Rebecca Jones revealed why she no longer uses cosmetic treatments

Rebecca Jones confessed what is the aesthetic treatment with which she manages to have healthy skin without having to resort to injected substances (Photo: Instagram / @ la_rebeccajones)

Rebecca jones has been one of the few actresses who has openly accepted that undergoes cosmetic procedures to make your skin look younger. However, after having to go through ovarian cancer, she is not willing to continue looking for beauty treatments that involve chemicals or surgeries, because has found alternatives.

Since Rebecca Jones has been willing to talk on social networks about the way she takes care of her skin over time, and has even confirmed that for a while used botox, was invited to the program Divine Net, where he revealed that, after having defeated cancer, found a method with which to keep your skin healthy and without having to inject any substance or undergo more invasive treatments, as it does yoga.

“To me I ran out of collagen (chemotherapies). I no longer wanted to take injectables, I am over 60 (years) and much more. I haven’t been using injectables for a long time, and not because I don’t believe in them, because I think I do, precisely after that age (…) if you’re not careful, your face begins to take a strange shape“Commented the actress in this week’s episode of Divine Net.

Rebecca jones
Rebecca confessed that after coming out of cancer, she no longer uses injectables, as she has found better methods (Photo: Instagram / @ la_rebeccajones)

Since she does not want to use more substances for her aesthetics, despite having lost collagen, she confessed that her current passion is face yoga or facial yoga facial exercises that in recent years have gained popularity thanks to their dissemination on social networks.

As the expert invited to the program commented, what this type of exercises does is stimulate muscles of the face, which results in an obvious change in the lines that time makes on the skin, as it flattens them and can even change face structure, depending on the regularity with which they are done.

Precisely, Rebecca confessed that she has noticed how her face has changed thanks to this type of yoga and that the lines of expression around the mouth have become less and less evident, which is why she now recommends her followers on social networks to do these types of exercises.

Among the changes that Jones does not like to see in the faces of those who undergo different surgeries or treatments, he commented that he has noticed how some people who have cosmetic procedures such as fat transfer on the cheekbones in most cases they have a not very pleasant visual effect, as it is that eyes look too small.

Rebecca jones
Through videos on Instagram, the actress has shared what her routines are like to maintain healthy skin and facial muscles (Photo: Instagram / @ la_rebeccajones)

However, the expert explained that the way in which the different treatments result often does not depend on the surgeon or the procedure itself, but on the way in which each person and their body is capable of absorb either the substances or the fat transferred.

Almost 10 years ago Rebecca Jones was involved in a rumor because the magazine TV Notes assured that she would have used such an amount of botox to the degree that she was rejected as the protagonist of a novel by Nicandro Díaz because could not perform the expressions correct for the character, but she denied this information herself, although she confirmed that she used botox.

As revealed at the time, he participated in a long casting to become the star of True loves, and competed for the role against Erika Buenfil. Jones revealed that Díaz chose to choose the protagonist of Marisol because in her he found what he was looking for, however, the rumor lasted for a while.


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