Reconstructive or aesthetic tattoo for me?

I recently interviewed on the show a beautiful Colombian woman, an expert in reconstructive tattooing. It’s smoother and more natural, and it doesn’t last forever. And if so, you have to touch it up with a low frequency, every five months, more or less. We see the tattoo in a very different way, it is no longer a drawing on the skin, but much more.

Many people have serious problems for things like:

-Having been attacked with acid in the face or in another part of the body. Really, they don’t burn your face, but your life, since this affects everything: relationships, work, and creates serious self-esteem problems.

Imagine a woman (the most attacked in this way, mainly by macho or violent men) with her face half destroyed. Although it seems outrageous, it is something very common, especially due to passions or jealousy. Here you can do a lot with the aesthetic or reconstructive tattoo technique. In an artistic and human way, they give you back part of what they destroyed you.

Another way is in cases of breast cancer, where part of the nipples were damaged or simply are not there anymore, because they had to be removed. It is important to know who can do any such work for you. It is not only something aesthetic. It is a beautiful way to help people who suffer and who, psychologically, feel affected, to resume their life and feel good about their body.

In something as worrisome as vitiligo or leukoderma, that creates spots on different parts of the body. The technique improves this situation, matching the skin tone.

It also helps us in simpler things, but very important for women:

If you want natural eyebrows, without suffering stronger techniques. Let me explain: those strong and large eyebrows, very dark, age, harden the face. Also, when they do that work for you, which is totally different, those areas can get infected, it hurts, peels come out … I did it once, and thank goodness I asked for the lighter color, since I never repeated them.

In the photos that our guest showed, the eyebrows looked beautiful, natural and very well achieved. Remember that you must retouch them, since they are more superficial than other techniques, but more natural and beautiful. The same happens if you want to enlarge your lips. I’m going to do it.

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