Record-breaking concert by Grupo Firme fills Mobil Super Stadium with 35 thousand fans

Grupo Firme rocks Monterrey with eclectic performances, romantic ballads, and heartwarming inclusivity for deaf and mute fans.

Grupo Firme broke a record at the Mobil Super Stadium by gathering 35 thousand people who witnessed the “Hay Que Conectarla Tour.” It was at 10:10 p.m. that a folkloric ballet welcomed one of the most awaited concerts by the people of Monterrey, and from the catwalk came out Jhonny Caz and company to start the excellent atmosphere.

The music boomed and among pyrotechnics and fire, Eduin Caz took the main stage among euphoric screams, starting the night with the rhythm of “Juro Por Dios.”

“Up to the top, a full house. Thank you very much, Monterrey. The weather is great, thank you very much for this reception, tonight is yours. Tonight until you want us to leave.”

Eduin Caz

The night continued with romantic songs such as “Un amor como este” and “Pídeme,” which they dedicated to the couples that came to enjoy their show.

Always thinking of all their fans, Grupo Firme thought of everything so that no one would miss their concert because they included 3 people who took turns on the stage. While most chanted the songs, they carried them in sign language, besides having some sensory vests for the deaf and mute people.

Johnny remained on stage to continue with the songs of heartbreak: “Me Pierde Por Wey” and “En tu perra vida,” this last one, even the public shouted along with the group.

The Caz brothers infected the audience with their excellent party, toasting on several occasions with whiskey and tequila.

They also received gifts such as hats, t-shirts, and underwear.

The party continued with “La Tusa,” a hit by Karol G, which they interpreted in their way and got their fans dancing, and Eduin ended up in the crowd again, throwing himself from the stage to the audience, who this time did not let him fall.

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The leader of Grupo Firme expressed his surprise to see the Mobil Super Stadium completely packed, asking them to turn on their cell phone lights and continue with “El Toxico.”

Undoubtedly, the audience sang one of the songs at the top of their lungs. “I’m fascinated by the toxins and up with the old people who put up with them,” said Caz.

The show continued with “Por Si Estás Con El Pendiente” and “El Güero” while Eduin walked around the stage wearing a Sultanes t-shirt.

“Se Fue La Pantera” and “Cada quien,” a song that became a hit with Maluma, were next.

The surprise came with the presence of El Yaki, with whom they sang “Cada Vez Te Extraño Más,” during the song, Eduin received a Tigres t-shirt.

“It’s not for nothing, but I’m very fond of this state. I have half my heart here in Monterrey,” said El Yaki before continuing with “Dile A Tu Orgullo” and “Por Qué Te Quiero.”

Almost two hours into the concert came one of the most awaited moments, as Eduin Caz rose onto the platform to sing along with everyone else present: “Ya Supérame” without a doubt with the Mobil Super Stadium resounded in one voice this song.

The romantic moment, “Necesito Que Sepas,” was one of the songs with which the group from Tijuana sang to love.