Red Bull boss praises “Checo” Pérez for podium at Turkish GP

Red Bull boss praises “Checo” Pérez for podium at Turkish GP

A race not suitable for the heart was launched this Sunday the Mexican pilot Sergio “Checo” Pérez at Turkish Grand Prix, in which the ended up assaulting third place from the podium.

Pérez started the race in sixth place, and with the passing of the laps he climbed the positions until to be in the top three of the circuit from Istanbul, after a brutal battle with the British Lewis hamilton of Mercedes.

The show brought him praise from his entire team. In fact, just as he crossed the finish line, through the radius of his car, Checo fHe was congratulated on several occasions.

The first to speak to him was the engineer, who told him “back to the podium my friend“, And Pérez responded effusively:”Finally man“.

A short time later, the Red Bull boss, Christian horner, appeared on the tune to tell the Mexican: “Well done, Checo. I told you you were going to get on the podium. Well done friend, good job ”.

Sergio Pérez already has three podiums since he joined the team, and 13 in his career in the highest category of motorsport.

The Turkish GP was an incredible competition for Red Bull, because in addition to honor Honda with their white cars, they also occupied two positions on the podium, because in second place was Max verstappen, also from the same team.

The first place of the race was commanded by Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes.

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