Red Bull frustration: Checo Pérez broke the engine of his RB18 on lap nine and had to retire from the Canadian GP

Without a doubt, this was not a good week for the Mexican Red Bull driver Sergio “Checo” Perezwho had to withdraw from the Canadian Grand Prix with just nine laps completed.

The man from Guadalajara started the Gilles Villeneuve urban circuit in thirteenth place, and although he had a good start he was forced to retire after he lost his engine in the opening laps.

At the start of the competition managed to overtake Alexander Albon and Valtteri Bottasplacing eleventh in the race.

The idea of ​​the one from Guadalajara was manage your tires as well as possible in order to overtake as many rivals as possibleand that is why the team decided that it should go out with hard tires.

“Czech” struggled to reach the tenth step occupied by Daniel Ricciardowhich was only six tenths ahead.

At that moment, Pérez heard his engine cut out, and although he tried to force it, the RB18 did not respond. To the point that he stopped on the track and represented the first abandonment of the Canadian Grand Prix.

During the weekend, Pérez got fourth place in the first free practice sessions, but then went downhill. The second culminated in box 11, and the third practice fell to 13th after colliding in Q2, meaning the first time that the Mexican did not pass Q3 in a Grand Prix.

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