Red Bull Show Run CDMX 2021: schedule of activities and schedules to see the ‘Checo’ Pérez on the Paseo de la Reforma

Checo will feel the warmth of its people this Wednesday.

Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images

Motorsport lovers in Mexico will have an unforgettable week to see their favorite drivers up close at the Mexican Grand Prix, but Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez’s followers will be able to see him even this Wednesday in another activity.

On Sunday the Formula 1 Mexican GP will be raced at the Hermano Rodríguez Autodromo. However, the prelude will be this Wednesday in Paseo de la Reforma during the Red Bull Show Run CDMX 2021, an event so that the people of Guadalajara can enjoy their pilot.

This Wednesday, November 3, Mexico City will be paralyzed from 10:00 am (12:00 pm Eastern) with the activities that the team of the pilot Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez has. There will be several emotions for the fans that will last for three hours.

The new series was also announced in which they will be able to learn more about the only Latin American driver in Formula 1 today.

Full billboard

10:00 am: Red Bull Kart Fight National Final

11:00 am: Welcome, we warm up the engines for the Red Bull Show Run CDMX

11:20 am: Mateo García Vuelta

11:30 am: Red Bull Racing Car Lap 1

11:45 am: Show by Aaron Colton, Didier Goirand and Iván Ramírez (Moto Stunt, Hard Enduro and Off-Road rider)

12:00 pm: Red Bull Racing Car Lap 2

12:15 pm: Benito Guerra Show (Rally Driver)

12:30 pm: Red Bull Racing Car Lap 3

12:45 pm: Red Bull Battle Exhibition

12:50 pm: Red Bull Racing Car Lap 4

13:00 pm: Surprise act

Local time in central Mexico, two hours less than Eastern time.

You do not have to pay tickets to attend the event, but you must arrive early to be in good places and witness the show.

Checo will do four laps called Red Bull Racing Car (11:30, 12:00, 12:30 and 12:50).

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