Red Bull trembles: Lewis Hamilton will start with a more powerful engine at the Saudi GP

On December 5 the Red Bull team will face one of the most important challenges of the season to continue at the top of the standings, as Mercedes has designed a more powerful engine for its driver’s racing car Lewis hamilton, which will undoubtedly put them in a tight spot at the Saudi Arabian GP.

In an interview with Sky Sports the director of engineering of Mercedes, Andrew Shovlin, assured that Hamilton’s car was upgraded to have more speed on the Jeddah street circuit.

The engineer said that they will use two power units in order to make the car much faster than that of Max verstappen, direct rival of Hamilton.

“We have seen quite big changes in performance in the last few races, but if we look at the Saudi Arabian circuit, I think it will come in handy. For Lewis we will have the most powerful engine at our disposalSo that will give you a useful power unit, ”Shovlin said.

However, Mercedes will concentrate on taking firm steps, although it considers that the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix sIt will be a good track to achieve the objectives, considering the long straights, and curves designed to be one of the fastest circuits.

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