Regardless of the cold season, Pinkberry launches ice cream for the Christmas season

Pinkberry announces the launch of its two chocolate chip cookie ice creams that will be available in the holiday season.

Photo: Pinkberry / Courtesy

With the winter season just around the corner, Pinkberry unveiled its new Chocolate Chip Cookie Frozen Yogurt range, available now at participating stores across the country for a limited time.

Those who have a craving for this ice cream will be able to enjoy it until the first days of the year 2023. According to the brand, the ingredients of this ice cream will awaken fond memories and inspire new ones to enjoy with the family and friends from its unique flavor.

For people who are lovers of this ice cream, you can complement it with a bark of mintthis option will also be available for a limited time, so keep an eye on it.

“We are excited to introduce our always-favorite chocolate chip cookie frozen yogurt,” said Melissa Hubbell, vice president of marketing for Kahala Brand, parent company of Pinkberry.

“Whether it is covered with the traditional chocolate chip cookies or with our seasonal mint bark dressingthis time-honored flavor brings pure comfort and joy throughout the holiday season!”

Furthermore, consumers can select more ingredients for their ice cream by adding toppings that include fresh fruit, which is hand-cut in stores daily, along with premium granola and nuts, specialty chocolates.

This option can make this seasonal ice cream something more delicious, that’s why Pinkberry is not limiting anyone to taste this seasonal option in different ways, that regardless of the arrival of the cold, everyone will want to eat it.

The brand has stood out for innovating in the way it makes its ice creams, but without a doubt this season the promotional chocolate chip cookie flavor seeks to please all those who seek sweet and smooth flavors regardless of the season.

On the other hand, it is recommended that consumers, when they go to their local stores, check what other promotions there are, since they can be pleasantly surprised, as well as ask for recommendations from the employees to make the chosen ice cream something unique for the palate.

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