Reggaeton star Wisin opens up about his deceased daughter’s profound impact

Wisin's candid revelations evoke the profound influence of his late daughter Victoria's legacy on his family and music career.

Wisin is one of the most beloved and successful singers. However, in his life, he has had to face very complicated episodes. The most painful has been the death of his daughter Victoria, who was in this world for a little over a month, a situation that he admits marked his life and his family, however, taught them a hard lesson.

It was in 2016 when the reggaeton singer Wisin and his wife Yoimara, with great sadness, confirmed that their daughter had lost her life after a hard battle against genetic disease.

A few years after the tragedy that affected his family, the singer opened his heart and revealed that his daughter’s departure left him with a great lesson, thanks to which, now, he is grateful for the health of his other children.

Wisin reveals the lesson his deceased daughter taught him

Wisin talks about the death of his daughter Victoria

In a recent interview for a YouTube channel, the singer opened up about his facet as a father, revealing that he feels grateful that his children are healthy and happy, a situation that made him relive the death of his daughter Victoria, who lost her life a month after she was born.

Wisin, who returned to the stage with Yandel, revealed that the death of his daughter Victoria, left him a strong lesson because although he had all the resources he had to try to save her, he learned that there are things that are not in his hands and that the fact that his children are breathing is a miracle and a great blessing:

“I told the doctor when my daughter Victoria was dying: ‘How much do I have to give you, what money do I have to give you, you tell me, to take her to a hospital so they can save her’ and he told me ‘You are confused, it is no longer about medicine, it is about God'” said the singer.

In American Post News, we let you know that before his confession, he admitted that every time he sees his children breathing, he knows it is a gift from heaven because he remembers that for 38 days, he saw his daughter Victoria struggling to breathe “until her life was extinguished,” learning that there are things he cannot control:

“Every day I would cry, I would act strong, but it was something I had to live through because I was very stubborn, and God is an expert at kneeling proud,” she said.

How many children does Wisin have?

Familia de Wisin
Wisin is married to Yomaira, with whom he had three children

Three children, Yelena, Dylan, and Victoria. The latter was the little girl who died a month after birth due to a rare genetic disease diagnosed at 5 months of pregnancy.

Wisin’s wife, Yomaira Ortiz, and his entire family lived through a complicated moment after Victoria’s death. However, they overcame it thanks to the unity they have always had.