Regina Blandón responded to those who criticize her for using inclusive language: “We must inform ourselves”

Mexican actress, Regina Blandon has stood out, throughout its history, for being a Algid promoter of social causes such as her support for the community LGBTQ+, in favor of the decriminalization of abortion and the use of inclusive language. Due to this, various users on social networks have criticized her, to which the interpreter defended her ideals.

Due to the constant attacks received, the young interpreter spoke, in a meeting with several media outlets, about the censorship she has received on social platforms and about the value of being able to express her opinion, the statements were taken up by the program shows First hand.

We have reached a point where we cannot be in half measures, we cannot be from one side to another; keep working towards that place, because you can play a character that goes against it, but be sure that there is criticism being made of that. Here we go, we’re learning, I think it is important to be on a path that keeps us all equal”, commented the 31-year-old actress.

<a class=Regina Blandón for her presentation at La más Draga Photo: Instagram/@reginablandon” height=”367″ src=”” width=”562″ />
Regina Blandón for her presentation at La más Draga Photo: Instagram/@reginablandon

Before the cameras of the afternoon program of Image Televisionthe famous Mexican interpreter thanked her followers who allow her to have a more robust account in order to reach a larger audience and who give her the opportunity to express her opinion without any criticism.

“Luckily I have the platform to reach more people, so people who have time on their hands and heor use to criticize someone else, it’s pretty sad. You better let us knowwhich is basic, we have the information at our fingertips”, he said.

At the end of her speech, the interpreter who gave life to Bibifor 10 years next to Eugenio Derbez and Consuelo Duval in The family P. Fight, emphasized that she tries not to impose any of her thoughtsand that, contrary to what they think just try to give a different vision so that people are interested in the subject.

“The absolute truth can be a debate, far from it, but I try to talk about things that matter to me and that I feel that… yes, I am lucky to reach more people out there”, concluded Regina Blandón.

Later, the hosts of the program recalled the occasion in which the actress was the target of criticism on Twitter at the end of 2021. And this is not the first time that the actress who participated in Mirreyes vs Godinez (2019) tries to defend his thoughts.

One of the most controversial situations that the actress experienced was during January 2021, when Blandón was in the eye of the hurricane because she assured that Bibihis character in The P Fight Familyshe was not a pro-life woman. The controversy began when a user asked his opinion regarding the point of view that the personification of him would have on the subject.

Of course not. Bibi always investigates, reads, informs herself. A “pro-life” person is not someone who, I believe, investigates, read or inform yourself enough to see that legalizing abortion is a public health issue and of having the right to decide, not of personal beliefs,” he wrote.

(Photo: screenshot/ Twitter @ReginaBlandon)

On the other hand, in August 2021, the actress once again positioned herself as a trend in social networks when she reaffirmed her support for the respect of each person’s pronouns and raised her voice to give arguments. in favor of non-binary people and the use of inclusive language.

“In this account we support the bandage nb (non-binary) and we respect their pronouns”, tweeted the actress who has just over 70 thousand followers. In the end and as expected, the 31-year-old actress was the target of some attacks haters, who told him that he was “contributing to deform the language”.


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