Regional Mexican singer Peso Pluma debuts $58,000 diamond-encrusted teeth

Embracing opulence, Peso Pluma's diamond grin, courtesy of Braggao jewelry, sparks discussion and divides opinion among netizens.

Peso Pluma’s corridos belicos are famous for their regional Mexican rhythms with fresh musical touches and for their lyrics where a life full of luxuries is specified from time to time. In that order of ideas, the verses seem to have caught up with reality, especially after seeing the famous singer’s new smile, which has never looked so warm and much less expensive.

Peso Pluma unveiled a new face thanks to a new set of teeth made with diamond inlays and luxurious heart-shaped details, which now adorn a striking smile. While many watched in amazement at the excessiveness of his new acquisition, many others immediately wondered how much the “little joke” would have cost him.

To carry out his task, the Mexican singer partnered with Braggao Jewelry, responsible for his new personalized teeth. The firm’s official account shared images of the artist wearing his millionaire smile and detailed the process of making the exclusive piece.


Among its lines, it was specified that the artifact was customized, so it is inferred that it was designed with the singer’s help and to his liking. Similarly, the photographs, shared through the jewelry’s Instagram account, detailed its manufacture to the final result that already looks placed on the artist’s teeth.

How much did Peso Pluma’s new smile cost?

According to the information shared by the portal Hyper Beast Latam, his new diamond dental inlays has an approximate value of 58 thousand dollars.

Its high cost comes from its characteristics and the materials with which it was made. Nothing less than 10-carat white gold, 7 VVS brilliant cut diamonds, and some enameled pieces shaped like red hearts.

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VVS in diamonds means they are small, barely noticeable to the most trained eyes. Despite that, from the pictures, you can already tell that this is an expensive artifact that looks luxurious on its own without needing to know the price.

The design is personalized, not only to the taste of Emilio Hassan Kabande Laija, the artist’s real name but also because it is a device that must fit perfectly with his teeth. This is why his dentist, Dr. Raul Perez, was also involved in the design of the expensive artifact.

Braggao Jewelry is certainly used to working with great personalities. Their Instagram account already boasts that they have collaborated with other artists, such as Gera MX, Kenya Os, and Christian Nodal, to name a few. They have even made exclusive jewelry for Peso Pluma himself, but never a denture, an artifact they mention “reflects his unique style and personality.


Criticizing Peso Pluma

On social networks, many internet users criticized the singer’s taste, calling him “naco.” The comments went too far and even mentioned his “shorts” and other characteristics previously criticized by the artist, who just turned 24 years old.

“How do they make rich people so catty and common,” “No doubt that money does not give the class,” “One more naco that adds to the mediocre who do not sing, but people follow them, they like garbage,” or “So poor he is that he only has money,” were some of the comments from social network users.