Reimbursement for passengers lost in the Bermuda Triangle

This cruise that will pass through the “mysterious” Bermuda Triangleit’s safe, according to the ocean travel company Holiday Maker Travelso much so that he offers to give a refund who gets lost.

The offer is for your future clients to purchase their vacation package through the Caribbeanwhich would cross through this area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean and they are so sure that their trips are effective, that they have implemented this promotion.

In case one of your travelers gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle, the company will return all the money that was paid, if they no longer find the client, they ensure that the same will not happen to them than to other boats or planes.

An “attractive” tour of the Bermuda Triangle

An “attractive” tour of the Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle on Maps

By entering the website of the Holiday Maker Travel company you can read the promotion for your trip through the Bermuda Trianglewhich has attracted attention for be funny” and for some “challenging”you can read:

“Don’t be afraid to disappear on this tour of the Bermuda Triangle.” The “Tour” offers a 100% refund and your money will be returned in the rare chance that it disappears”

For advertising and marketing work promotion quickly drew attention of the media as well as of the people, mainly by the “security” message of the company made its boats.

Bermuda Triangle Maps

Bermuda Triangle on Maps

Thomas Brown56, is the man who managed to survive a shipwreck in the Bermuda Trianglelived trapped in this place for a considerable time, for this reason his story has given around the world.

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