Relatives of the missing child in Colombia, would be part of a sect of satanic rituals

Colombia – The little Maximiliano Tabares Cano disappeared in Antioquia, Colombia. Authorities are investigating his relatives because they could be part of a satanic sect.

The CTI agents of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Sijin and the Childhood and Adolescence captured the child’s mother, the stepfather, the maternal grandmother, and three other people.

According to the investigators, all the detainees were part of a sect dedicated to satanic rituals.

It should be noted that the whereabouts of Maximiliano Tabares have been unknown since September 21.

His mother, who was almost lynched in the municipality of Remedios, said that her son had disappeared when he was on his way to the store to run an errand.

Aníbal Gaviria, governor of Antioquia, stressed that the situation “is confirmed” and that it is a horrifying case.

He added that the child’s neighbors suspect the relatives but did not denounce promptly before “an action as strange as this.”

A judge in Medellín legalized the arrest of six people awaiting the Prosecutor’s Office to charge them with the crimes of forced disappearance and torture.

It should be noted that the mother’s version did not convince the police since she mentioned that the child went out to run an errand to a store and then did not return.

It was reported that Maximiliano Tabares’ stepfather had persuaded his family that an evil spirit possessed the boy.

It seems that the child had been handed over to a satanic sect known as Los Carneros, which is said to perform rituals to find gold guacas (ancient Indian burial sites) in the region.