Remains of James Cook’s ship Endeavor are found in the US

The Australian National Maritime Museum confirmed the discovery of the remains of the ship ‘Endeavor’ which was owned by captain james cook and with which, the British explored many Pacific territories, including Australia in 1770. The discovery was made in the depths of the northeast coast of the United States, on Goat Island.

“This is the final resting place of one of the most important and controversial ships in Australian history.”

It should be noted that since 1999 they had been searching for the ship among the 18th century shipwrecks recorded in that area and that the objective was achieved almost 23 years later.

Much has been speculated that Cook discovered the lost continent, as he was a great British explorer who made history, since his history with ships began when he was 12 years old.

Ship Endeavor is archaeological and archival evidence

The remains of the ship are being recovered by experts The captain died in Hawaii

The maritime experts who made the successful discovery pointed out that because the ship spent hundreds of years in the depths of Mars, only 15 percent of its structure remains and it is exactly in Newport Bay, in the state of Rhode Island. .

The analysis of the structures that are still preserved revealed that the ship sank in 1778 during the War of Independence of the United States and at the moment, the Australian authorities are working to secure the place of the discovery.

“It plays an important role in exploration, astronomy and applied science not only in Australia, but also in New Zealand, the UK and the US.”

His sinking was along with other ships, by the British forces during the warlike conflict; the ship’s captain died in 1779 in Hawaii, during his third voyage across the Pacific. She has a lot of history herself that is still being researched as it is known that James, aboard the ship Endeavour, declared Australia terra nullius in 1770.

What was James Cook’s first voyage?

The captain died in Hawaii

It was an expedition to the South Pacific Ocean that was organized in an organized way by the Royal Navy and the Royal Society in 1768 until July 1771 and in which, aboard the HMB Endeavor Cook and his men sailed the globe.

What happened to James Cook is not very clear, because although it is known that he died in 1778, he was away from home in the middle of a trip that turned out to be revealing.

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