remember a year ago they ran her

  • María Celeste Arrarás recalls that a year ago she left Telemundo
  • The Puerto Rican driver shares a nostalgic photo of her pool
  • “Today marks one year of the day that Telemundo”

María Celeste fired Telemundo. After announcing her return to TV, the Puerto Rican host María Celeste Arrarás remembers on her social networks the first anniversary since she was fired from Telemundo, and she does so with an emotional message in a post she shared for all her followers.

María Celeste used her Instagram account to remember that a year ago she was fired from the Telemundo network, posting an image of her feet in a pool. It should be remembered that previously she had also mentioned that she was a swimmer and uploaded a photo with a swimsuit.

María Celeste remembers her farewell to Telemundo

María Celeste fired Telemundo

It is worth mentioning that the return of María Celeste to television caused much expectation among her followers and the congratulations among her colleagues were immediate, showing her happiness at seeing the Puerto Rican on the small screen doing what she likes the most.

The Puerto Rican recently announced her return to television precisely to CNN en Español, after a long time of inactivity, but that through her social network accounts, she continued to inform her followers relevant news as if she were on the small screen.

María Celeste fired Telemundo: Message from the host

María Celeste fired Telemundo: Message from the host

The Puerto Rican remembered her farewell with an emotional message in her post where she takes the opportunity to mention what she carried inside. He also affirms that time has flown by since that sad moment of his career, but assures that the changes are for the better.

“Today marks one year from the day that Telemundo told me that it was dispensing with my services. It is contradictory but I feel that time has flown by and at the same time I feel as if I had lived a lifetime in this year. I take the afternoon to be in the pool, while I work on my laptop and think about all this, “he began writing.

María Celeste fired Telemundo: “Changes are inevitable and necessary”

María Celeste fired Telemundo: "Changes are inevitable and necessary"

In addition, María Celeste Arrarás affirms that these kinds of changes in her life helped her grow and be a more mature person, she even mentions that these types of changes will always be welcome as long as they are for the better, the end of her message is shown below:

“My soul is light and full of gratitude. Changes are inevitable and necessary. They help us grow and rediscover ourselves. You have to welcome them. I talk about all that in my new opinion column that you can access by clicking on the link on my Instagram profile ”, he concluded.

María Celeste fired Telemundo: “We really miss you”

María Celeste fired Telemundo: "We really miss you"

Immediately Internet users began to react and leave their respective comments on the message of the memory of his farewell from the television network, which simply thanked the Puerto Rican despite her great career as a host and presenter.

“The truth is, we miss you, beautiful lady … Today I see the program” Al Rojo Vivo “but it does not have the same strength the same drive that you gave a greeting from Orlando, Florida, an admirer of years”, “To those who they love God, all things work together for good.! Success always. Infinite blessings, ”wrote some users.

María Celeste fired Telemundo: “Everything happens for something”

María Celeste fired Telemundo: "Everything happens for a reason"

Some celebrities took the time to comment on María Celeste’s publication, such is the case of her partner María Elena Salinas who said: “Live your life your way, Friend.” Lucho Borrego and Jessica Carrillo also reacted by saying: “I miss you Mari … love you always” and some heart emojis respectively.

Changes are necessary ”,“ When a door closes a window opens ”,“ It seems so fast that it was yesterday ”,“ You are the best and may the well-deserved successes continue, beautiful María Celeste, the best, always accompanied by God, infinite blessings “,” Everything happens for something “, were some comments.

María Celeste fired Telemundo: The host appears in a swimsuit

The driver appears in a swimsuit

Previously on her Instagram profile María Celeste shared an image where she shows her attributes while she is swimming in a bathing suit. The Puerto Rican mentions that the Olympic games remind her of her glory days when she practiced swimming.

It should be remembered that a few days ago the Olympic games started in Tokyo, Japan, after being suspended in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now the journalist shares a photograph where she is practicing one of the sports that are presented in this competition.

Remember her years as a swimmer

Remember her years as a swimmer

One of her last post on her social network, María Celeste Arrarás, appears inside a pool in a swimming suit, where she shows her figure, and also mentions that watching the Olympics reminds her of when she was a swimmer and that it helped her to be the person you are now.

“Now that the Olympic Games are being held in Tokyo I remember more than ever my years as an Olympic swimmer and how I developed in the pools many of the tools that have helped me to succeed and achieve my goals,” wrote the Puerto Rican host in her publication. Filed Under: María Celeste fired Telemundo

“Yes, I’m the one in the photo”

"Yes, I am the one in the photo"

She also leaves a message about what each one must do to achieve excellence and leave conformity, since according to her heading she used swimming as a springboard in her life and to be able to improve herself personally. She even mentions that if she is the one in the photo.

“You don’t have to jump into the water to do it too! Today I share that formula in my new opinion column “So I See It” on the importance of seeking excellence and leaving conformity aside. To read it, go to the link in my profile and subscribe. Take a second and it can change your life. (Yes, I’m the one in the photo) ”. Filed Under: María Celeste fired Telemundo

“Thanks to that you have the most beautiful legs in the universe”

"Thanks to that you have the most beautiful legs in the universe"

Immediately the followers began to leave their opinions of the snapshot, even his partner, Veneno Sandoval, was one of the celebrities who left her message in the post: “Reading you is magical … it’s listening to you,” was Carolina’s comment on the image.

“How do you consider yourself next to a dolphin? You beat him in jumping in reverse swimming or swimming long crossings…. remember if you don’t like my criticism “throw it at the lion”, “Thanks to that you have the most beautiful legs in the universe”, “Excellent” meteorite Arrarás “,” I loved what you tell … and I’m subscribed “,” It’s true @mariacelestearraras I remembered that you were a swimming champion and I told my husband and he said I love that girl, a little kiss, beautiful ”, were some comments. Filed Under: María Celeste fired Telemundo

They have great confidence

They have great confidence

The Puerto Rican has been known to win over the Hispanic public, generating great confidence, where even many Internet users tell her about everything that happened in her private life. It was just seen in his post where a user told him what happened in his life based on the message that María Celeste left.

“@Mariacelestearraras will believe me that I am 55 years old and 3 years ago after watching the Olympics I said: you must learn to swim, it should not be so difficult you know how to float! Well, one day I said now and threw myself into the pool in the depths (there was a lifeguard) and I said that the worst could happen and I threw myself where there were 9 feet and I only measure 5/6 well that day I learned to swim it was natural and easy and I am proud! It helped me to watch the Olympics to learn and motivate myself, ”said a netizen. Filed Under: María Celeste fired Telemundo

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