Renata Flores, iconic Televisa actress, dies at 74

Renata Flores, renowned Televisa actress, dies at 74, leaving a lasting legacy from her iconic villainous telenovela roles.

Renata Flores, an iconic Mexican actress known for her roles as a villain in numerous Televisa telenovelas, has died at the age of 74.

Flores was renowned for her extensive acting career spanning over four decades. Some of her most well-known roles included appearances in telenovelas such as Rosa Salvaje, La Usurpadora, Rosalinda, and Fuego en la Sangre.

In total, Flores acted in over 30 telenovelas from 1967 through 2011. Her ability to convincingly play complex villainous characters made her a highly sought-after actress during the peak years of her career.

Flores spent final years facing economic hardship

In 2020, reports emerged that Flores had spent the prior three years living out of her red car near Las Américas Park in Mexico City.

Eyewitness accounts suggest Flores lived a solitary life with her two pet dogs during this period, struggling with poverty despite her previous television fame. Park visitors occasionally recognized her, but largely unnoticed despite her high-profile acting past.

Death confirmed by Casa del Actor retirement home

On February 9th, 2023, the Casa del Actor retirement home for veteran performers in Mexico City announced Flores had passed away at the age of 74.

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“The Board and Honorary Council of the Casa del Actor, I.A.P. Mario Moreno participates with deep sorrow the death of Renata Flores. Actress, friend, companion and guest of this house,” the Casa del Actor statement read.

Flores had reportedly been living at the Casa del Actor in recent years after facing living conditions in her car.

Cause of death not yet known

While the Casa del Actor home confirmed Flores’ death, her specific cause of death remains unknown publicly. There is no word yet on whether Flores had been facing any illnesses leading up to her death.

The actress’s family has also not yet commented publicly on her passing. Meanwhile, several Televisa programs, including Hoy and ¡Cuéntamelo Ya! paid tribute to Flores’ career on their Friday broadcasts.

Flores leaves behind a towering legacy from her villainous telenovela roles seen by millions of Spanish-language viewers over the decades. With nearly 50 years in front of the camera, generations grew up watching the talented actress bring extraordinary personality and depth to the small screen.