Renata Notni in a blue velvet dress like a true majesty

Renata Notni 27 years old, again, gave a fashion chair in social networks by wearing a blue velvet dress, which looked spectacular on the famous, who has a very defined fitness body, with which she would fall in love with anyone in his case to Diego Boneta his boyfriend.

Renata Notni’s photo reached more than a hundred thousand likes and she is seen posing spectacularly like a true goddess, since her hair, in addition to the fantasy makeup she wore, looks very good, since the famous woman has always liked it looking good.

Returning with the design in blue, it was below the knee, it was also simple, but exotic due to its strong blue color, it also had very thin straps so that its shoulders could be seen majestically like a true swan.

“Wonderful in that blue dress”, “Wow, amazing look, looking beautiful today in a beautiful dress and a beautiful figure, darling, really very sexy in blue”, “Made by the greatest painter: Most perfect goddess in the world! “, “That favorite person, mine is you! I love you”, they write to the soap opera actress in the photo.

In other publications where the artist melts the networks, it is when she appears in swimsuits, where the first thing that attracts attention is that flat abdomen, which reflects a lot of work, so it is not the first time that they ask her for the routine to be able to see herself like her, although her schedule is full, she doesn’t have time for that.

As for her love with Diego Boneta, she has kept it very hidden, that is, away from the media, because she does not want speculation to start or the press to persecute them, so they are very discreet, and the famous woman is also fascinated that their romance goes from strength to strength.

For his part, the Mexican actor is also discreet in his courtship, as he tries not to make many publications with his beloved, with whom he has been for a while, there had even been speculation of an engagement, but in the end said gossip was false.

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