Replacement Edomex 2022 How much does it cost and how is it processed?

Discover everything you need to be able to carry out your application process replacement Edomex 2022, we also tell you how much it costs!

In AmericanPost.News We reveal that the license plates are valid for 5 years, so if you processed yours in 2016, it’s time to renew them!

Previously we told you that this procedure became mandatory as of September in Yucatan; however, now we will tell you everything you need to know to do it in the State of Mexico.

Replacement Edomex 2022: requirements and cost

Circulation plates. Photo: License plates. Photo:

We reveal to you that the cost of the process to renew the plates of your car is 844 Mexican pesos and you will need to present the following documents:

  1. Valid official identification (INE)
  2. Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)
  3. Proof of address
  4. Invoice of origin or document that proves ownership of the vehicle
  5. back and front plate
  6. Proof of payment

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How to process it online and in person?

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To do it in person you need to access the Taxpayer Services portal, there you can choose a date and time to present yourself, then you must present yourself to receive your new license plates and deliver the documents indicated above.

In case you choose to do it online you will not have to go to the offices, even the plates will arrive directly to your home, to do so you just have to do the following:

  1. Enter the Taxpayer Services portal
  2. Choose the option “Process at home”
  3. Make the payment online or authorized center
  4. Receive your license plates, sticker and/or circulation card at home

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