Report reveals singles would rather find a good hotel deal than a wedding date

Priceline’s Wedding Travel Report, which surveyed 1,000 Americans, revealed that for singles it is more important to find a good deal on a hotel (66%) or a flight (63%) than a wedding date.

As peak wedding season approaches, Americans are preparing to celebrate their loved ones with more than half (57%) planning to attend more weddings or wedding-related events this year because so many have been lost during the pandemic. And after two long years of postponed weddings and celebrations, 79% of consumers feel wedding-related events are a great excuse to travel, according to Priceline’s Wedding Travel Report.

Top Insights from the Priceline Wedding Travel Report found that:

– The Americans spend on average more than $2,700 just to attend a weddingwhich is roughly equivalent to a full month’s salary based on the median annual salary in the US.

Budgeting for out-of-town weddings is especially stressful for Gen Z (39%).

– Six in ten (59%) of respondents say the high costs of attending weddings/wedding-related events have limited their ability to save for a vacation.

Eight in ten (81%) say inflation makes finding a travel deal more important than ever.

– 64% of guests say that Covid levels in the destination will affect your decision to travel for a wedding or a wedding-related event.

Roughly half (47%) book their flight and two-fifths (44%) book your hotel/accommodation more than two months in advance.

– Three quarters (76%) often They are surprised at how much it costs to attend wedding-related events as guests.

58% have opted out of a party or wedding-related event that required travel due to cost.

The majority of Americans (57%) book their rental car up to six weeks in advancebut few (28%) book more than two months in advance.

With demand and costs rising, Priceline knows it’s more important than ever to save. Having negotiated deals for more than 20 years, the firm claims to save travelers more than a billion dollars each year (about $2,000 per minute).

For more details on the report see here.

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