Request SEOP 600 mdp for maintenance of streets and avenues of Quintana Roo

It is through the Secretariat of Public Works of Quintana Roo (SEOP) that the request was made to the Ministry of Finance and Planning (SEFIPLAN) in the entity, for the approval of an amount of 600 million pesos, which will be applied to public works for the rehabilitation of streets and avenues of the entity.

The request for the resource is aimed exclusively at the maintenance of streets and avenues in the 11 municipalities of the state, this was announced by the owner of the SEOP, William Conrado Alarcón.

The money will be used for the maintenance and repair of streets and avenues

Depending on the budget that can be obtained, it will be the number of works that are completed

The state official pointed out that in the entity there is a lag in road infrastructure such as means of communication between cities and within them, for which he considered it important to take care of the maintenance of streets and avenues.

This request of 600 million pesos, the SEOP expects to have a prompt positive response, so that in February and March the rehabilitation or repair of the highways will be started.

Conrado Alarcón explained that it depends on the budget approved by SEFIPLAN, is how the estimate of the number of public works in streets and avenues will be obtained, which will have to be carried out until July of this year.

The head of SEFIPLAN announced that the date is scheduled until July to apply this work, since in the month of August to September, the Ministry of Public Works will be preparing for the actions of the delivery-reception process corresponding to the transition of government.

He insisted that the current administration is in the final stretch and it is expected that SEFIPLAN give approval to carry out this work in the streets and avenues of the state, since maintenance is important in the event of deterioration of the highways that are the object of communication between municipalities and within them.

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