Residente and his tirade against Cosculluela: “He reads the Bible, but he beats his wife”

Residente fires fresh lyrical shots in 'Bajo y Bateria', confronting reggaeton giants and shedding light on dark industry controversies.

An ongoing quarrel between Residente and some of the premier figures of the reggaeton and urban genre, such as J Balvin and Cosculluela, saw the unfolding of yet another dramatic chapter.

Residente, the former member of Calle 13, had earlier stirred up the industry with his diss tracks aimed directly at J Balvin and Cosculluela. His musical clash with the Colombian singer came to light during his session with Bizarrap, while he made his grievances with his compatriot known through the track “Cosquillita.”

In his latest release, “Bajo y Bateria,” following a series of promotional teases, the Puerto Rican rapper takes a no-holds-barred approach in assailing those he perceives as competitors.

His newest song, “Bajo y Bateria,” has ignited a fresh round of controversy, this time with Cosculluela finding himself in the crosshairs. Residente broaches the sensitive issue of domestic violence allegations against Cosculluela, showing no apparent concern for stirring the pot.

One of the song’s lyrics, “Lee la Biblia, pero le pega a su mujer por el cocote” (He reads the Bible but beats his wife by the coconut), refers to alleged acts of violence against his ex-wife, Jennifer Fungenzi, who was pregnant at the time.

In addition, Residente takes Cosculluela to task for espousing a tough-guy persona despite hailing from a place of privilege. He lobs a biting remark, “From his porcelain neighborhood. He has wet dreams with Tony Montana.”

Over nine minutes against a stark black backdrop in the video clip, Rene Perez, in a face-off style, takes jabs at Cosculluela and podcasters, fans of J Balvin, and other urban music producers and singers.

Upon wrapping up the most vibrant verses of his new track, the artist proclaims, “I got it off my chest. Now I’m going to get rid of all the tirades.”