Resignation between tears famous driver in Ventaneando

Well-liked host on Tv Azteca, who has been working on TV Azteca for 24 years, announced in Ventaneando that it is off the air and says goodbye on the verge of tears, causing a lot of feeling among his teammates and fans.

This is Mónica Garza, who this Friday, August 12 announced his resignation to the newscast Es de Mañanawhich he hosted for five years for the ADN40 channel, in the Pati Chapoy program.

It turns out that the famous Mónica Garza made the decision to leave the Ajusco channel and in a video that was taken up on the program, the driver said her reasons for leaving the television station.

Driver resigns in Ventaneando

“I say goodbye to that informative space in which I have worked for the last 5 years. I am very proud and above all very grateful to life for allowing me to be part of this great team where I have met great teachers along the way.”

The famous host continued explaining: “It has been a very auspicious 5 years for me. Interviews, trips, experiences, thousands of stories of all kinds that we have told in this forum, always emphasizing freedom of expression. In the freedom to be, to live, of the right to prefer and think differently”.

Mónica Garza also thanked her audience: “I thank all of you as an audience for allowing me to grow on this screen, for your trust but above all for your invaluable support. I have decided to make a change in my professional life and I am deeply grateful to ADN40 for accepting to accompany this change”.

Finally, he expressed: Crucial moments are coming in the task of telling the history of our country, which forces us all to rethink spaces and our ways of communicating.

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Monica Garza on Tv Azteca

It must be remembered that the talented Mónica Garza is one of the darlings of the owner Pati Chapoy and was driving in Ventaneando for 11 years after joining TV Azteca in 1998.

Although he always served as the journalist’s right hand, in 2009 he announced his departure from the program because he stated that he wanted to go in a more newsworthy direction. However, this did not affect her relationship with Pati since she herself has stated that Garza is one of the few people she would like if she had never left the entertainment program.

The ex-host of Historias Engarzadas became an unconditional supporter of the journalist, so much so that she was head of information in several programs produced by Chapoy such as En medio del spectacle and Caiga que caer.

That is why in an exclusive interview with Ventaneando, Mónica Garza spoke about her departure from Es de Mañana and her plans for the future, stating that they are already preparing something for the elections in Mexico and she wants to focus on that.

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