They reveal a first look at ‘Merlina’, the new Tim Burton series

As a new proposal, Netflix in co-production with director Tim Burton will release “Merlina“, the series inspired by the fictional character from The Addams Family.

Called Wednesday in the United States, the series is getting closer and closer to premiere and with arouses the intrigue about how the final result will look on screen.

This production will be part of the Netflix series catalog shortly and it is expected that if it is successful, the Addams universe can be expanded.

All the details of the new Tim Burton series

Tim Burton returns to production in a new series of Netflix which will be based on the worldwide phenomenon of The Addams Family.

It is really very little that has been revealed about this live action, however the producer gave a date for the first trailer.

It will be during the Geeked week on June 6 when, according to the site, the plot will be revealed and with it the first images.

A clip uploaded by Netflix shows “Fingers”, while he alludes to the title and the aforementioned date.

Synopsis for “Merlina” on Netflix

Synopsis for “Merlina” on Netflix

What is the series about? Although it is known that part of the life of “Wednesday“, the site has published an official synopsis.

“The series is an intriguing mystery with a supernatural undertone that sees Merlina Addams in her years as a student at Nevermore Academy. Merlina must master her fledgling psychic ability, thwart a monstrous murder spree terrorizing the city, and solve the paranormal mystery that involved his parents 25 years ago… all while dealing with his complicated relationships on Nevermore.”

Described as an “intriguing mystery” from award-winning Tim Burton, the “Merlina” series would arrive sometime in 2022 on Netflix.