Revenge; execution of manager of Playa Mamita’s in Playa del Carmen

It was revenge, the motive for this execution inside Playa Mamita’s Beach Club in Playa del Carmen, as confirmed by the State Attorney General, Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales at a press conference with authorities from the three levels of government. Lucio Hernández, Secretary of Public Security, detailed how the only detainee was arrested, so far, for the events that occurred in that club.

Lucio pointed out that the capture of Wilber “U”, aka “The Mollusk”, happened on March 1, when Quintana Roo Police officers were on their prevention and surveillance tour in areas of drug dealers and extortionists. The alleged culprit was found 20 bags of dry green grass similar to marijuana, as well as 10 bags with apparently psychotropic pills.

investigations continue

Revenge; execution of manager of Playa Mamita’s in Playa del Carmen

“Based on the emergency number 9-1-1, Various reports were found of victims of extortion whose physical characteristics of one of the aggressors are similar to those of the now detained person, in addition said person had similar characteristics to one of the participants in the murder of the manager of the Playa Mamita’s club who was deprived of the life on January 25 last in that town,” he said.

He indicated that after this discovery he was immediately transferred to the prosecutor’s offices of the Public Ministry in the municipality of Solidarity, Playa del Carmen.

For his part, the Prosecutor Oscar Montes de Ocaexplained that the investigation folder was started against Wilber “U”, alias “El Mollusco” for crimes against health, however, when carrying out various acts of investigation, they confirmed that the detainee indeed had physical and nickname with those described in a current court order for the crime of homicide.

Revenge; execution of manager of Playa Mamita’s in Playa del Carmen

“As a result of the above, the Investigative Police was informed, as well as experts in various matters and as a result, it was concluded that it is the same person who participated in the homicide within the aforementioned club. It should be noted that at the time of his arrest on March 1, he was wearing clothing identical to the one he was wearing on the day of the murder,” he emphasized.

He stated that the likely involvement of Wilber consisted of having gone to the establishment along with three other subjects and asked an employee to call the victim and, once he was present in the reception area, other participants took him to the bathrooms where he was deprived of life to later give himself up. The escape.

“In the next few hours, elements of the Investigative Police will carry out the arrest warrant and, in due course, the prosecutor of the public ministry will formulate the accusation before a control judge for the probable participation of Wilber “U”, alias “El Mollusco” in the fact indicated by the law in the crime of homicide and consequently preventive detention will be requested as a precautionary measure,” Montes de Oca stressed.

He added that the motive for this murder is revenge, since last December 25 a party was being held at the club and when ordering the party to stop, the members of the aforementioned criminal group were upset with the manager, in addition, he stressed that this area, including the establishment was kidnapped by criminals, but confirmed that they have already located all those responsible, “from the first in the structure to those who carried out the execution of the manager,” he reaffirmed.

Revenge; execution of manager of Playa Mamita’s in Playa del Carmen

Finally, he commented that in recent days they carried out a search in the state capital, Chetumal, to capture another of those responsible, but they did not find him, given this, he invited all citizens so that, in case they have been victims of Wilber “U”, alias “El Mollusco”, report it to the corresponding authorities.

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