Reviving a favorite corrido: Grupo Firme and Los Tucanes de Tijuana to release ‘Ramon Arellano’

Anticipate a thrilling corrido performance, as controversy-laden Grupo Firme collaborates with Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

Los Tucanes de Tijuana and Grupo Firme join forces again after the success of “Amor soñado” and “Secuestro de amor,” two of the songs they recorded as a duet. Now they shared a third proposal. Still, this one corresponds to a famous corrido, one of the band’s favorites, led by Mario Quintero.

It is the song “Ramon Arellano,” a piece with which they seek to reach the top of the charts on all digital platforms, which are occupied by new exponents such as Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, and Eslabón Armado, to mention some of those who perform “corridos tumbados” or “corridos bélicos.”

“Ramón Arellano” will be released in the voice of Grupo Firme and Los Tucanes de Tijuana next May 30 at 4:00 pm in Los Angeles and 6:00 pm in Mexico City through their official YouTube channel, as announced in an image that Eduin Caz released on his Instagram stories.

The track will be released on May 30. IG/eduincaz
The track will be released on May 30. IG/eduincaz

Grupo Firme’s controversies

It should be noted that Grupo Firme has been involved in recent controversies. One of them is the complaint of a fan who claims that he was beaten by the people who are part of the security team of Eduin Caz and his companions. The follower mentioned that there was a lot of violence and that they left him on the ground.

Another thing mentioned is that Grupo Firme is falling since the last events have failed to sell all the tickets and have opted to give away several tickets for people to attend for free, but that is not the only thing, since in Mexico they decided better to cancel three of the dates of their tour “Hay que Conectarla.”

“We have equipment that we bring from the United States, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City and due to logistical situations, it is not possible for us to bring all the equipment we need for Grupo Firme to give you a show like the one you deserve, so we find ourselves in the painful necessity due to situations external to Grupo Firme, to the company, there is no one to blame”, are the words that Isael Gutiérrez, manager of the celebrities, made known.

The lyrics of the corrido

Hombre de pocas palabras
Orgullo de sus hermanos
Cualquiera le tenía miedo
No le temblaba la mano
Unos le decían Colores
Otros Ramón Arellano

Cuerno de chivo en el hombro
Y en su cuadril una escuadra
Varias granadas de mano
Listas para detonarlas
Charola de comandante
Y su chaleco antibalas

Veinte años en el negocio
No los aguanta cualquiera
Ramón a punta de balas
Acaparó la frontera
Aunque su voz no era gruesa
Ponía a temblar a cualquiera

Así nació de valiente
Pues era de Sinaloa
Amante de los corridos
Norteños y de tambora
Su vicio eran las mujeres
Y disparar su pistola

No toleraba reclamos
Rápido desenfundaba
Sin decir ni una palabra
Les disparaba en la cara
Era Ramón Arellano
Nadie podía decir nada

Hombre de pocas palabras
Orgullo de sus hermanos
Aunque era de Sinaloa
Bien parecía siciliano
Porque ajustaba las cuentas
Siempre al estilo italiano

And the English translation:

Man of few words
Pride of his brothers
Anyone was afraid of him
His hand did not tremble
Some called him Colores
Others Ramón Arellano

Goat horn on his shoulder
And in his rump a squad
Several hand grenades
Ready to detonate them
Commander’s hat
And his bulletproof vest

Twenty years in the business
Not just anyone can stand them
Ramón at the point of bullets
He monopolized the border
Although his voice was not thick
He put anyone to tremble

He was born brave
He was from Sinaloa
A lover of corridos
Norteños and tambora
His vice was women
And shooting his gun

He did not tolerate complaints
He quickly drew his gun
Without saying a word
He shot them in the face
He was Ramón Arellano
No one could say anything

A man of few words
Pride of his brothers
Although he was from Sinaloa
He looked very Sicilian
Because he settled scores
Always in Italian style