Ricardo Anaya: AMLO’s austerity plan seeks to “tear” the INE

The former presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya Cortes reappeared on social networks in a video where he assured that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador aims to end the National Electoral Institute (INE) to vindicate and perpetuate Brunette in the power.

He explained that ending the electoral referee is one of the steps that dictators around the world and in Latin America have followed in the past to perpetuate themselves in government.

In this same sense, let us remember that during the past months the Federal Government, the Morena legislators and the advisers of the electoral body have been involved in a “fight” due to the differences that they have regarding the Mandate Revocation consultation due to the lack of of resources of the institute, even as we informed you in AmericanPost.News AMLO announced that he will present an austerity plan to the INE to review the salaries of civil servants.

“He seeks to keep Morena in power”: Anaya

Through its official Twitter accountAnaya Cortés said, “López Obrador wants to kill three birds with one stone: satisfy his egotism, end the INE and ensure that Morena remains in power.”

He also commented that the austerity plan that AMLO will present will seek to “strangle” the Electoral Institute in a budget and then put an end to it, “Obrador will tell the INE all the areas that have to disappear so that he is well crippled, well honed and can no longer be function as needed, “he said in the video.

Regarding the perpetuation of Morena’s power, Anaya said that even if Obrador loses the revocation of his mandate, the constitution establishes that the president of the Chamber of Deputies remains provisionally, a position held by Sergio Gutiérrez Luna also emanated from Morena.

What is the Revocation of Mandate?

The Mandate Revocation consultation approved by the Congress of the Union is a democratic exercise that will be carried out in the first three months after the conclusion of the three-year government of the federal president.

This time being the first time that it will be carried out, it has faced all kinds of complications since the INE suffered a cut of more than 4 billion pesos, however, despite that it announced a few days ago that it would make an adjustment in your budget to be able to carry it out.

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