Video: Ricardo Fastlicht’s unexpected accident on ‘Me Caigo de Risa’ raises health concerns

Beloved telenovela star endures on-air mishap, yet displays resilience in face of competitive high jinks on popular comedy show.

Red lights were lit in the recent broadcast of the program”Me Caigo de Risa” after the beloved member of “La Familia Disfuncional,” Ricardo Fastlicht, suffered a strong blow to the head that alerted all his colleagues and the general public.

It was on the show last Wednesday, June 28th, when the actor also had an accident after trying to win one of the games. Even Faisy, the host of “Me Caigo de Risa,” immediately approached him to see if everything was all right.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

Fsstlicht suffers an accident on MCDR

It turns out that in the game “¡Qué chanclazo!” Ricardo Fastlicht showed off his competitiveness when he tried to perform a kind of “chilena” to win the competition. However, everything went out of control when the maneuver did not go how he expected.

In the style of Hugo Sanchez in his best days, the star of telenovelas such as “Perdona Nuestros Pecados,” “La Madrastra,” and “Antes Muerta Que Lichita” tried to perform a “chilena,” but unfortunately ended up taking one of the hardest falls in the nine seasons of the program.

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In front of all the members of“La Familia Disfuncional” and the audience, Ricardo Fastlicht did a “chilena”, but his head hit the ground, causing uncertainty about his true health condition. Fortunately, the celebrity stood up and proved that he was 100 percent.

Seconds after the accident, Faisy questioned her partner for trying to do that kind of maneuver in the competition. The other “La Familia Disfuncional” members just laughed and celebrated their partner’s attitude.