Ricardo Montaner dedicated a message to Ricky Montaner on his wedding day

The Montaner family is celebrating and is that Ricky Montaner, one of the singer’s children Ricardo Montaner he marries the model Stefi roitman and before the celebration the interpreter dedicated an emotional message.

With this link, the singer’s last single son begins a new stage in his life, alongside the Argentine model.

The couple will arrive at the altar in an extravagant ceremony with more than 400 guests in Exaltación de la Cruz, 80 kilometers north of Buenos Aires.

So the singer Ricardo Montaner, who has married the same woman and his wife six times, dedicated emotional messages to him.

Ricardo Montaner Instagram

Ricardo Montaner shares his emotion at the wedding of his son Ricky Montaner marries Argentine model Stefi

Ricardo Montaner used his Instagram account to express the joy they feel on this special day, where he is seen walking through the location where the wedding will be held and talking about the joy he feels for the bond of his son, the singer Ricky Montaner and Stefi.

“A beautiful day today, very emotional. Full of love and emotions of all kinds: happy, nostalgic ”.

“We are in the preparations for a very beautiful family event, which is Ricky’s wedding with Stefi,” he commented.

The singer admitted that he does not usually use his social networks, but this time he wanted to share how happy he feels.

“It is a very happy reason, because we are here experiencing a wonderful family moment. May God bless you ”, concluded the musician.

Ricardo Montaner’s wife

Ricky Montaner marries Argentine model Stefi

Marlene Rodríguez, Ricardo Montaner’s wife, also used her social networks to dedicate an emotional message to her son,

“A cycle is closing in my life, it is an important cycle my firstborn is getting married, the first from the second litter and the last to marry.”

“When Mau got married it was very strong for me, he was my little one, the one in the next room, with the other three the transition was smoother because they no longer lived at home.”

“Eva my little pomp, was like the accompaniment to put into practice what we had spoken a thousand times,” he expressed at the beginning of his text.

“And now Ricky, although he does not live at home with him, this stage is closing, there are no more weddings to set up.”

“Now each one has his own path, his own nucleus and in me the absolute tranquility that everyone is with whom God decided.”

In the photos you can see Ricky with his mother at different stages of his life and at the end, Ricardo Montaner’s wife showed Ricky with Stefi, who this afternoon will say yes in front of the altar.

As expected, the millions of followers of the family sent congratulatory messages to the couple and Ricardo Montaner for the great work they did with their children.

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