Ricardo Montaner has married the same woman six times

Ricardo Montaner has been 35 years with the same woman, who is the mother of minor children and with whom he has married six times in six years, and although many have been surprised by their repetitive weddings, the couple has decided to be so romantic because of the great love that is has.

Let us remember that the singer was previously married to Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, who is the mother of his older children, Alejandro and Héctor, but in Marlene Rodríguez Miranda, he found true love.

Proof of their adolescent love are the constant displays of affection that they show on social networks; in AmericanPost.News We reveal that Montaner fell in love by dedicating a romantic message to his wife, who very happily answered the dedication.

Ricardo Montaner and his wife renew their vows

The couple renew their vows every five years The couple had three children, and they are all known on the show

The beloved singer is open-minded when he talks about his marriage and shows himself as a man totally in love, because every five years they renew the love they have and renew their vows as if it were the first time.

“Today 32 years ago I married this candy, I have already done it 6 times, we choose each other every five years over and over again,” said the composer.

He also declared that although both have many projects on the horizon, they always look for a way to be together and he hopes to continue with it “as far as God wants to take us.” He also said that the love of a couple is something that he has instilled in all his children, especially Evaluna.

“Loving each other as if there was no other way out. To drink from the same glass every drink of this wonderful life that God gave us ”.

It has even become known how the love story between Ricardo and Marlene was born, with whom he has been married for more than 30 years and looks more in love than ever.

How many wives has Ricardo Montaner had?

The couple had three children, and they are all known on the show.

He has married two with two different women; With the first of them he had two children and with Marelene, he had three, and it is with whom he is currently and with whom he is said to be in love and grateful.

Faced with the criticism, Ricardo Montaner’s wife responded and defended herself from those who call her old, as they have branded her as “grandmother” and it was she herself who decided to respond.

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