Ricardo Montaner reveals when Camilo and Evaluna’s baby will be born

Ricardo Montaner Through a video on his social networks, he announced that the baby of Camilo Y Eva Luna He will be born in March or April, and he confessed the date on which Ricky Montaner will marry.

The birth of Camilo and Evaluna’s baby is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated this year, remember that in AmericanPost.News We let you know that Camilo showed Evaluna’s belly and made the nets explode.

In a video Ricardo Montaner thanked for life and lamented the losses that occurred due to the Covid pandemic and gave two great news for his family.

“It’s going to be a wonderful year for everyone,” said Ricardo Montaner to later celebrate that in 2022 he will welcome his grandson or granddaughter, who will be called Indigo.

As he revealed the date of his birth: “I am waiting for the arrival of a grandson or granddaughter, in the month of April or March,” he said.

Ricardo Montaner Instagram

Ricardo Montaner announced his family’s plans in 2022 The singers share with their followers the expectation of their first baby

Through his Instagram account, singer Ricardo Montaner also revealed the date of his son Ricky’s wedding:

“Also welcoming one more member of the family which is Stef, who is getting married on January 8th with my son.”

Let us remember that Ricky Montaner got engaged last October with the Argentine model Stefi Roitman after living eight months together in Miami, United States.

The decision was made after seeing how well they work together since they were isolated as a result of the confinement caused by the pandemic.

Evaluna and Camilo

The singers share with their followers the expectation of their first baby

On the other hand, the singers Evaluna and Camilo have shown the pregnancy process and have documented for their followers the great moment they are living.

This is the first child of the singers, who were married in February 2020 by civil and religious means.

The couple’s baby is expected to be born in late March or early April and will bear the name “Indigo.”

While the time comes, Camila Y Eva Luna do everything possible to be together, regardless of their professional commitments and share with their followers the expectation of their first baby.

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