Ricardo Peláez attacked in Mexico City; Chivas fans enraged by poor team results

Photo: Agustin Reyes / Imago7

Chivas is immersed in a crisis, and it seems unlikely they will recover in the short term. CD Guadalajara has accumulated five consecutive defeats, three of them in the Liga MX Apertura.

Despite the fact that they are still in the playoff places, the performance of the ‘Rebaño Sagrado’ has been disappointing and is unworthy of the demands of being the club with the second highest number of titles in Mexico. The first to be singled out in this situation is the coach, Ricardo Cadena, but also the players, who the fans accuse of a lack of commitment.

Among those singled out by the fans is sports president Ricardo Peláez, who upon his arrival in Mexico City for the Cruz Azul vs. Chivas game (which the Rebaño finally lost), was the victim of boos and whistles from fans.

But the situation reached an extreme when a fan physically assaulted him. A man grabbed Pelaez’s backpack, shouted several things at him, and then pushed him. The manager of the team only turned around and looked at him with a reproachful attitude.

Club staff calmed the manager and tried to push him away from the crowd afterward, but the aggression and the rejection among the fans, who although they express themselves in improper ways, do not agree with the current situation of the institution, were recorded.

In their last match, they lost 2-1 away against Cruz Azul. Their main player Alexis Vega had to come off in the second half due to alleged physical exhaustion, something that has raised alarm bells not only in the Rebaño but also in the Mexican National Team, which is counting on him for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.