Richard Acuña spent more than 5 thousand soles on flowers for Brunella Horna for Valentine’s Day. He showed off!

SHOCKED HER. Richard Acuña wanted to surprise his partner Brunella Horna for the Day of Love and Friendship. The politician arrived with 300 red roses at his home to impress the model, however, this was not all. He also hired a violinist to accompany the lunch.

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Through her Instagram account, Brunella shared all the gifts that her partner gave her for Valentine’s Day. The model showed a room full of red flowers, a lunch full of salmon and special dishes, as well as the company of a violinist.

The “América Hoy” program analyzed how much Richard Acuña would have spent and concluded that the amount would be 5,120 soles. However, Brunella disagreed as it is a high figure.

“I have to clarify, what happens is that his children were also in his house, the decoration was for everything”, clarified the host of ‘América Hoy’, who confessed that he gave Richard a pen.

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For Magaly Medina, the host of “América Hoy” Brunella Horna would have been waiting to receive an engagement ring; however, she only received roses. The comment came after they presented a note in which they showed how some figures from the show celebrated the day of love.

“The one who also received roses was Brunella Horna, she is waiting for a ring, but she received roses. Hahaha”, Magaly commented when she saw that Richard surprised Brunella by sending her a bouquet of roses to “América Hoy”.


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