Richard Carapaz overcomes COVID-19 and will participate in the National Championships of Ecuador

Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images

The Ecuadorian Richard CarapazOlympic road champion, participate in the National Championships from his country once he passed the positive for COVID-19 that forced him to withdraw from the recent Tour de Provence.

“La Locomotora” from Carchi (El Carmelo, 28 years old) will travel to his country in the next few hours to compete in the Nationals that will be held from this Thursday until next Sunday, February 20.

Carapaz, winner of the 2019 Giro d’Italia, overcame the COVID-19 crisis and has already tested negative in the relevant tests to which he was subjected.

Hi, I’m Richi, I want to invite everyone to be present at the National Championship, I’m going to be present. I hope you all enjoy it because cycling is breathed in Ecuador“, commented Carapaz in a video posted on twitter.

The Ecuadorian Cycling Federation has proposed a route in the north of Quito for the national championship. The peloton will have to complete 17 laps to complete 163.2 kilometres.