Ricky Martin comes out to show his face

  • Ricky Martin comes out to clear up rumors
  • He says he did not have surgery or anything like that
  • Followers are on top of him

“Now say it without a filter” The Puerto Rican, Ricky Martin comes out to deny the rumors that have been circulating regarding his physical change, after he appeared in an interview with Enrique Iglesias with his face completely swollen, the singer affirms that he is not underwent no operation.

What a controversy that arose after the former member of the band Menudo, surprised on social networks by appearing with a surprising change in his face. And it all started when the singer appeared in an interview wearing a rather deteriorated and tanned face, something that caused endless speculation.

Was Ricky Martin’s face deformed?

Was Ricky Martin's face deformed?
PHOTO: Instagram

During an interview that Ricky Martin had with the Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias, the Puerto Rican could be observed with a slightly deformed and swollen face, which made it appear that he had undergone several cosmetic surgeries, such as botox on the lips as fixes on the cheekbones.

After this wave of speculation, where thousands of followers already affirmed that the singer had undergone several cosmetic operations, Ricky Martin came to his defense and reported that it was not an operation far from it, but rather it was because he had had an allergic reaction to a dermatological cream.

Ricky Martin comes out to show his face after rumors of operation

Ricky Martin comes out to show his face after rumors of operation
PHOTO: Instagram

Through his official Instagram account, the Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin came to his defense against these speculations, and clarified once and for all what had happened to his face, silencing all possible rumors about surgeries: “Hello, hello family, how They are here, look I’m here because I think all of you are very worried because supposedly I did something to my face ”.

Given this, the singer reported that nothing had happened to him, and that if he had Botox he himself would tell it without fear: “I have not done anything to my face, I swear, I have lines … Botox, if I put Botox on I would have told them, because I have nothing to hide, “he commented.

“It was an allergic reaction”; Ricky Martin comes out to show his face after rumors of operation

"It was an allergic reaction";  Ricky Martin comes out to show his face after rumors of operation
VIDEO: Instagram

After these statements, Ricky Martin told the reason why his face was like this in that interview, stating that it had been due to an allergic reaction and not due to surgeries: “But that day, the day of the interview, what I did differently was put on a multivitamin serum and I think that’s where the weird reaction on my skin came from ”.

“But nothing, I just got inflamed, but outside of that it was a normal day, yes, I did not want to cancel the interview because of the inflammation, I would have done it so that I would not be doing this video later, but everything is fine, I insist, my life is normal, and I am very healthy, the concerts are super and we will continue working, but look, there are no surgeries or anything ”, he concluded.

“Now explain it without filter”; Ricky Martin comes out to show his face after rumors of operation

"Now explain it without filter";  Ricky Martin comes out to show his face after rumors of operation
VIDEO: Instagram

Given these statements, where Ricky Martin confirmed that no cosmetic operation had been done on his face, much less, the Instagram account of the Suelta la sopa program managed to rescue this video, and later share it on their social networks, where some followers They did not agree so much with these statements, since they commented that the singer was now using filters:

“Now explain it without a filter daddy”, “Wow, then I wanted your 5 minutes of fame”, “If you have botox on your lips above! It’s fine! But for me that turns people into monsters HAHAHA “,” But you don’t need to make those gestures HAHAJ “, were one of the many comments that could be read.

“You don’t have to clarify anything”; Ricky Martin comes out to show his face after rumors of operation

"You don
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Fortunately for Ricky Martin, not all were bad comments, since some of his loyal followers comments on the publication of El Gordo y la Flaca looked just as good and he didn’t need to explain anything: “You don’t have to give an explanation, you can do whatever you want and how you want, he’s still handsome, so do whatever you want ”.

“We love you however you are, you always look incredible”, “You are beautiful with or without inflammation, there are the envious ones”, “You are beautiful my love, it will always be like that, your beauty comes from within”, “However you always shine with your light, that life flows and your health be abundant “,” But it has nothing to clarify. That is no one’s problem. He is always handsome ”, were other comments. VIDEO HERE

Ricky Martin’s controversial message with women’s nails and J Balvin’s declaration of love

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Ricky Martin message. More than 10 years ago Ricky Martin made a statement that changed not only his career and personal life, but paved the way for other people in the artistic milieu to be encouraged to openly declare their sexual preferences.

It was through a statement that Ricky Martin made known his homosexuality. “It has been a very intense, distressing and painful process, but also liberating. I swear to you that every word you are reading here is born of love, purification, strength, acceptance and detachment, ”the singer wrote.

“Today I accept my homosexuality”

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“That writing these lines is the approach to my inner peace, a vital part of my evolution. Today I ACCEPT MY HOMOSEXUALITY as a gift that life gives me. I feel blessed to be who I am! ”Read the last paragraph of that long statement.

Immediately the reactions were not left to wait, there were many negatives, however there were more tokens of affection he received from his fans. Many people identified with Ricky Martin, who became an icon of the LGBT + community.

Answers intolerant messages

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Sincere as he has always been, the singer Ricky Martin opened his heart and expressed his uneasiness when he realized that things had not changed so much in a decade, when he decided to accept his homosexuality and live his new life openly, noted the EL news agency. UNIVERSAL.

“Pause… today I want to speak to you from my most vulnerable side… A week ago, I uploaded some photos with my husband for a special edition of @ cap74024 magazine. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and a way to celebrate our pride ”, was how the Puerto Rican began his message on his Instagram account.

He gets a big surprise

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In it, the interpreter of “La mordidita” commented that to his surprise, many people stopped following him or made unpleasant comments in the publications, where he appears in black and white images with her husband Jwan Yosef; something that was not expected especially after all the work that has been done to eradicate this type of action.

“What I did not expect, especially after all the work that has been done for so many years, is that a large number of people decided to stop following us or comment in a derogatory way. Of course, it is not the number of followers that worries me… ”, he commented.

Feelings revive you

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The singer’s message continued: “Of course, it is not the number of followers that worries me … it is the message behind his decision that has caused me the same feeling that I had years ago before sharing publicly about my orientation. sexual. That same fear that paralyzed me, tormented me and would not let me be ”.

“Today I see the photos and what I feel is a full peace of being able to celebrate my family as they deserve, in style. To celebrate me as I am, no matter who they will say ”, you can read in the publication that Ricky Martin uploaded to his Instagram, which he accompanied with two photos of him wearing long and ornate nails.