Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman celebrate their wedding: the arrival and look of the guests

Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman get married in the Province of Buenos Aires (Nicolás Stulberg)

The big day has arrived. After two years of official courtship, and a relationship that had begun a long time ago in a virtual way, Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman celebrate their wedding in a party that is presumed unforgettable. The ceremony takes place in the Haras Dok, an imposing construction erected in the middle of the field and located in the Exaltación de la Cruz district, some 80 kilometers north of the City of Buenos Aires. With labyrinthine paths through the thick trees, different wings for multiple activities, a chapel, large stables and even a helipad.

Roitman Montaner Wedding 3
The interior of the celebration in the Haras Dok in Exaltation of the Cross (Nicolás Stulberg)

The exact address of the place was only known in the last hours since the invitation they originally sent spoke of a “secret location” to prevent it from leaking into the media. Only once each person confirmed attendance was the location sent to them on Friday. In addition, the couple told all the guests that they will not be able to enter with their cell phones: they had to keep them in lockers until they leave the establishment.

The aerial view of the Haras Dok, where the wedding is taking place (Instagram)
The aerial view of the Haras Dok, where the wedding is taking place (Instagram)

Bars outside, a strict security guard who was in charge of organizing the operation and keeping the curious who approached the place at a distance. Meanwhile, photographers and television cameras waited outside to see if they could enter. However, each movement before, during and after the celebration was recorded by a team hired by the couple, which they will show on the reality show they are preparing.

Roitman Montaner Wedding 2
The arrival of Gerardo Rozin to the ceremony (Nicolás Stulberg)

Roitman Montaner Wedding 3
The interior of the Haras. The location was kept in the most absolute secret (Nicolás Stulberg)

For this reason, some of the guests – estimated at 400 – took advantage of their cell phone until the last moment to show their gala looks. Singer Emilia mernes It was one of the most active in the previous one. In his social networks he was shown with the Venezuelan-American celebrity Lelé Pons and with the Argentine influencer Lizardo ponce. As her boyfriend? Duki He shared a video on the way to the party in which part of his look was seen, focusing on his dark glasses, to the point that he was baptized “the glasses.”

Ricky Stefi wedding
Lelé Pons wore a nude model with rhinestones in shades of gold and Emilia Muesa opted for a black dress with the makeup on her eyes that became a trend (Instagram)

The typical nerves of these events were reflected in the curious dialogue between Lizardo and Oriana sabatini. “Okay. I still don’t have a suit for the wedding “wrote the Cordovan on Twitter. “I don’t have a dress,” replied the singer, starting a fun exchange with her followers, although of course it was a joke or an exaggeration. Other attendees who managed to photograph themselves before taking off their cell phones were the it girl Mich Kogan Y Agus Bernasconi and Maxi Espíndola, of the duo MYA. And the boyfriends? Nothing at the moment: just a photo uploaded by the official account of Mau and Ricky where the singer’s dressed hand is seen, ready for the ceremony.

Ricky Stefi wedding
The elegance of Emilia Mernes and Lizardo Ponce before entering the party (Instagram)

One of the reasons why the couple chose an outdoor space to celebrate their union was to respect and maximize the protocols for the coronavirus pandemic. At the door each one of the attendees was swabbed, which delayed the established schedule a bit. In fact, one of the guests had a positive result and had to leave without being able to enter the ceremony, which was scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m., but was delayed due to these protocols.

Ricky and Stefi marriage: Duki
The Duki, aka “The Glasses”, ready to attend the wedding (Instagram)
Ricky and Stefi Maxi Espindola wedding
Maxi Espíndola, from the AYM group, wore a white shirt with a taupe toned tuxedo with a slightly shiny fabric (Instagram)

The relationship between Stefi and Ricky was born in October 2019 and had previously been cooking remotely and in 2.0 mode, as corresponds to current times. They still did not know that those direct messages they exchanged on Intagram would mark their love story until he kicked off. He did it through the official account of the band that he shares with his brother: he reacted to a story from a photo of the actress. He sent her a heart, to which she responded with the emoji of the hands in the form of a prayer. As he said later, he did it as a “thank you”, in addition, he did not know which of Ricardo Montaner’s children was on the other on the screen.

Until he received another message, already written and not with stickers. “Hey babe, how are you? Just so you know, I am the single and the less handsome of the two Montaner brothers “Ricky told him and immediately the virtual round trip began. Until the artist traveled to Argentina and invited the actress to a show and then to eat. “Without knowing it, I put the love of my life in front of my eyes”Stefi was honest about that Friday in October when she met face to face with the duo’s musician Mau and Ricky.

This was the beginning of the long-distance relationship that, luckily for them, did not last long: in January 2020, Stefi traveled to Miami to meet the Montaner family. And one day – more precisely, Tuesday the 14th – they went out for a ride in the convertible car and while the actress carried her hair to the wind to the rhythm of the music, the singer made her a romantic proposal. And he asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. Almost two years later, the bride and groom became husband and wife.


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